Globba andersonii

Kerala scientists among team which rediscovers rare plant found to have become extinct

Kozhikode: A rare species of plant which the scientists thought to have disappeared ..

No fishing during lockdown; Sardine, mackerel, pink perch likely to increase in numbers
Chaithra Satheesan
Kerala woman among US team that developed COVID-19 rapid testing kit
communication satellite
India to launch communication satellite on January 17
coral snake

Rare coral snake spotted in Kuttiyattor

Mayyil: A rare and venomous snake coral snake (Pavizha Paampu) was spotted at Porolam in Kuttiyattor. The rare snake was spotted by ..


Sea levels rising higher than expected, says UN varsity

Madrid: Sea levels are rising faster and higher than previously expected. Long-term sea level rise will vary greatly depending on emissions, ..


Rare species of 'painted bat' spotted in Thrissur

Pullur (Thrissur): A rare species of bat was found in Anuruli here the other day. The small sized bat with orange and black colour ..

António Guterres

Climate change reaching 'point of no return': UN chief

Madrid: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that global warming could reach a "point of no return" and that ..


Rainfall pattern changing across globe, India not left out

New Delhi: The rainfall pattern across the globe is changing due to rapid warming of the Indo-Pacific Ocean and the changes have brought ..


Strip to identify snakebites developed

Thiruvananthapuram: Giving relief to the people who are prone to snakebite, scientists in Thiruvananthapuram Rajiv Gandhi Centre for ..


Mars 2020 landing site could preserve signs of past life

New York: The landing site of the Mars 2020 rover that NASA plans to launch next year could preserve signs of ancient life on the Red ..


Rare Deer-like animal rediscovered in Vietnam

A very rare species of small, deer-like animal thought to be on the verge of extinction has been spotted in the northwestern jungle ..


Dineshan, Manikandan - Two new species of termites discovered from hills of Idukki

Kozhikode: Two news species of termites 'Krishnacapritermes Dineshan' and 'Krishnacapritermes Manikandan' were discovered ..

annular solar eclipse

Annular solar eclipse to be visible in Kerala on December 26

Kottakkal: A ring solar eclipse will appear after eight years. This will be visible only from Kerala on December 26. Annular solar ..

JioFiber to provide high-speed broadband connectivity in Kerala during lockdown
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