Love every colour around us

We are all made up of stories. Each one of us is a collection of stories of good, ..

Prabhat Patnaik
The unsung death of a scholar-administrator extraordinaire
Election defeat of Donald Trump: The fall of a titan, or is it?
Mental health
Let’s open the closed doors
Maithreya Maithreyan

After removing useful organs, my body can be given to medical students, says Maithreyan on his b'day

Social activist, poet, writer and thinker Maithreya Maithreyan talks about what should be done if he contract a disease or have an ..


Redefining choices and priorities

Socially, dowry originated in the idea of parents making an investment that would give the woman — traditionally the dependent ..


Youth hooked on ‘Ecstasy’

It made me sad to read the arrest of a final-year engineering student studying in Manipal Institute of Technology by Udupi police after ..


Significance of the rituals on Vidyarambham

“Om Hari Sree Ganapataye Namah Avighnamasthu” On the auspicious occasion of Vijayadasami, there occurs the age old tradition ..

Western Tragopan

King of birds gets global attention

Looking gorgeous and decorated with inexplicable aesthetic appeal, the Western Tragopan bird in Himachal Pradesh has gained global ..


Sadhana - Transcending Self

October through February is the traditional music season in Kerala, and a time I look forward to listen to all those great musicians ..


Prejudiced gender definitions begin at home

We wake up to the gloomiest news. We go to bed with heavy hearts from the happenings around. This vicious cycle of crime against ..


Gender violence - A Dalit's curse and a nation at its worst

Dalit, Women, Girl, Murder, Gang Rape, off late seem to be the most frequently used keywords on any media page, articles or newspaper ..

Interval during Politics

Re-reading Lohia in time of Hathras

Many builders of national character beautifully emphasize the virtues of truth and work and generosity and are continually preaching ..


World Algae Day - Algae a promise to the future world

Starting from 2017, the October 12 is celebrated as “World Algae Day” every year. The celebration of this meaningful day ..

Love every colour around us
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