A Keralite’s recollection of the wonder days in China

By 2021-end, I bid farewell to Wuhan- my Second Home- Home away from Home. ‘Second ..

A scene from 'Saving One Who Was Dead' directed by Václav Kadrnka
When a film becomes a touch of solace...
A protest scene from 1991, "Down with the Communist Party of USSR” in Ukranian
What happens when a country is gone
Photo: special arrangement
Coral Reefs: A closer look into the diverse marine ecosystem
Hindu bride

Raising age of marriage sans gender justice

'Age of marriage for women' is debated forcefully in the contemporary-Indian-social terrain. There are strong arguments, pro ..


Why some drugs are called ‘World is Yours’

The phrase “World is Yours” was first used in a 1932 film named ‘Scarface’ which ended with the main character ..


Kitchen is not for cooking alone; Make it an entertainment place

The Indian kitchen has evolved and come a long way. With changing lifestyles and modernization, the emphasis on aesthetics, going eco-friendly ..


Andaman Islands's rich biodiversity

A remote island mirrors rich biodiversity. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is remote and isolated. It hosts nearly 11000 faunal species ..

Abhilash Purushothaman

Stepping into film industry with a single-character movie is exciting, says Abhilash Purushothaman

Abhilash Purushothaman, this debutant director is making his entry into the film industry by trekking through uncharted territory. ..


Yearend thoughts…

2021 has been an extraordinary year for all of us. Our world is inundated with many major issues that challenge the equilibrium of ..


From Pompilai Orumai to Five Nuns: RESIST celebrates women's movement in Kerala

Governance Innovation Labs, a pacesetter that aims to deliver good governance through civic engagement recently announced their ‘Art ..

Indira Gandhi with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Days and nights of victorious military valour

The 14-day war between India and Pakistan called the ‘Lightning Campaign’ commenced with Pakistan launching a pre-emptive ..


Sagat Singh - the General who won the Bangladesh liberation war

The Government of Portugal offered a reward of $10,000/- for Sagat Singh, a Brigadier in 1961, for anyone who could capture this liberator ..

mamata with sonia & Rahul

When Congress rejects Mamata

Human beings create history. The words of Thomas Fuchs, the German philosopher who wrote 'In Defence of the Human Being', could ..

A Keralite’s recollection of the wonder days in China
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