Jolly’s crime and punishment: Reflections on Koodathai killings

Jolly is a suspect for killing six people, including her husband, Roy Thomas, his ..

Jolly and the Church: Reflections in the Context of Koodathai Killings
Absence of love and remorse in Jolly: A peep into Koodathai killings
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koodathai deaths

Victim-murderer relationship in Koodathai killings: An analysis of Roy and his parent’s interaction

Human life has an inherent value, and every human being has an inalienable dignity. This is the fundamental principle of justice. Immanuel ..


Why did Jolly kill: A psycho-social analysis of Koodathai killings

The Kerala Police claim that Jolly Joseph killed her husband Roy Thomas, his parents and three others poisoning them with cyanide. ..


Impact of deviant sexual behaviour on Koodathai killings: Study

Sexual proclivity on murder is a complex area of research. Criminological studies from different cultures and geographical regions ..

Abhijit Banerjee

Use of randomised control trials in Economics

Abhijit Banerjee along with Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer received the Sveriges Riksbank Prize funded by the Swedish Central Bank ..


Gandhi and the origin of hartal against Rowlatt Act

It is a known fact that Mahatma Gandhi travelled in trains, that too, in the third class compartment and later that class was abolished ..


Gandhi's Hinduism was neither flashing janeu, nor sporting tilak

Mahatma Gandhi was a staunch Hindu and definitely one of the earliest examples in Indian polity where religion was used for political ..


When Gandhi inspired a generation of freedom-fighters

As the Father of the Nation and a hope for thousands of people during the first half of the 20th century, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ..


Celebrating 60 years of ‘smallness’ inside the circus ring

Kollam: As the curtain is about to fall on the Kollam Asramam edition of Great Bombay Circus, Tulasidas Chowdary, one of the ‘smallest’ ..

Padmaanbhan Narayaann

Southern ground hornbill of Africa is the largest, heaviest of its kind

Southern ground hornbill of Africa, the largest and heaviest among hornbills, can live up to 60 years as confirmed by ornithologists ..

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

The fullness of Krishnavatara

Janmashtami is the sacred day when the birthless, deathless Supreme Consciousness took birth as a human child in the city of Mathura ..

Ayodhya Case
Ram Janmabhoomi - Babri Masjid case: Everything you need to know in a snapshot
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