Li’l Jahan; portrait of a budding artist as a kid

Kozhikode: Try telling the bright-eyed, curly-haired Jahan Joby that the colour of ..

How to deal with aggressive students who attack teachers?
A band of good Samaritans to the aid of persons with disabilities
Mig 21 fighter
MiG-21s are vintage but Bisons are not hopelessly outdated, say experts

Shahan Abdul Samad ensnares the fecund diversity of India in his shots

Kozhikode: From the royal household of the legendary Arakkal clan of the fabled Malabar Coast to the immortal poem in marble, which ..

Video Maranam

Video Maranam: dark commentary on our benighted times

‘Video maranam’ is a 4.52 minute mobile-shot short film based on Ayyappa Panicker’s poem from his ‘Anju kroora ..

Rachita Taneja

Rachita Taneja fights social issues with her 'stick figures'

With her unique attempt to respond on social issues through comics, Rachita Taneja and her web comic strip ‘’ have grabbed ..

After MBIFL ’19, Francesca and Kurkov savour the historic and cultural riches of Kochi

Francesca Melandri entranced by Biennale, synagogue and ashram

Kochi: Francesca Melandri was gazing with a wild surmise at the golden rain tree in full bloom in the courtyard Aspinwall House in ..

Tony Mendez

CIA's disguise maestro Tony Mendez whose Iran caper inspired 'Argo', dies

Former CIA agent Tony Mendez, 78, who engineered a creative way to smuggle US hostages out of Iran in 1980 and was immortalised ..


I will go back to the seas, says Abhilash Tomy

Naval commander Abhilash Tomy was left incapacitated in a sail boat after it was hit by a massive storm in the choppy waters of the ..


Remembering Red Rosa, martyred revolutionary democrat

The world paid tribute to the memory of martyred Rosa Luxemburg, the revolutionary, socialist, communist, activist, politician, writer, ..


Conflating Science and Mythology will debase Indian Science

The absurd mixing up of science with mythology has become an annual feature of the Indian Science Congress in recent years. The 106th ..


Narendra Modi is actually the Accidental PM

Anupam Kher's film 'Accidental Prime Minister' has targeted Dr. Manmohan Singh who served for two terms and may be again ..


A teen poet overcomes maternal loss through words as sweet solace

Kozhikode: This bouquet of poems sprouted from a womb of pain. For the 12-year old was hurled into an abyss of despair through the ..

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