Siraj, a fierce competitor

Mohammed Siraj stole the thunder for fleeting moments on the first day of the fourth ..

Padmanabhapuram Palace
There is something about Thiruvananthapuram!
Axar Patel
Axar Patel has deceptive flight: Salim Durani
pink ball
Pink-ball, a hit with India’s Corporate and Club cricketers
Painted bunting

O beauty! thy name is a bird

In poetic terms it can be said: O beauty! thy name is a male bird. One of the most colourful birds of USA is the Painted Bunting. Amidst ..

Architect G Shankar

The return of the Malayalee, to functional homes

Kozhikode: The Malayalee, who has been transformed by the Covid-19 contagion, is thinking afresh the concept of ‘home’ ..

rihanna and greta

India's image takes a beating

It’s past time for the Government to wake up to the damage done to India’s international standing by the ongoing standoff ..

Indian Cricket team

Why Raina and Irfan stumbled, why Sundar and Siraj may prosper

Even as thirty-eight-year-old S. Sreesanth, after the BCCI ban on him has been lifted, is doing all he can to play for the country ..

Jacobin bird

Visually enthralling tiny bird beauties of Costa Rica

Small is beautiful. In case of tiny birds, it is not only beautiful but also enthralling due to their sparkling colours. For wildlife ..


How much toxicity is too much?

With so much of negativity and mental distress around, a common outlet for us to de-stress is to turn to entertainment, of which TV ..


One year after India's first Covid case, inaccuracies in case fatality ratio in Kerala

The first case of COVID-19 in India was reported in the state of Kerala in a student who returned from Wuhan, China, on 30 January ..

Design Ashram  | Photo: Krishnapradeep P

A collector pursues his musical passion to chase away Covid blues

Kozhikode: “Mujhe tum nazar se gira tho rahe ho Mujhe tum kabhi bhi bhulaa na sakoge…” The alchemy of Masroor ..


Covid-19 Vaccine Development

Since the beginning of the pandemic a year ago, Covid-19 has caused over 2 million deaths worldwide. We are all waiting with baited ..


Dissecting the miracle down under!

Guiding a team to an enthralling victory down under, that too after being mauled in the first cricket test and consequent to the ignominious ..

Siraj, a fierce competitor
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