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Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Philip, passes away

London: The husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip – the ..

US reports over 20,000 coronavirus variants infections
Caroline Jurie removes the crown of Pushpika de Silva
Sri Lanka arrests 'Mrs World' over assault on beauty pageant winner
Jacinda Ardern
New Zealand bans entry of Indian travellers due to COVID-19 surge

Train crashes in Taiwan, causing injuries, deaths

Taipei: A train partially derailed along Taiwan's east coast Friday, injuring an unknown number of passengers and causing potential ..


Brazil detects new Covid variant

Brasilia: Brazilian authorities have identified a new Covid-19 variant, similar to the one found in South Africa, which could be a ..


Myanmar faces possibility of major civil war: UN envoy

United Nations: The UN special envoy for Myanmar has warned that the country faces the possibility of civil war "at an unprecedented ..

H1B Visa

US completes H-1B initial electronic registration selection process

Washington: The US has received enough electronic applications during the initial registration period to reach the 2022 fiscal year ..


Thousands flee Myanmar airstrikes, complicating crisis

Mae Sakoep (Thailand):) Thai soldiers began sending back some of the thousands of people who have fled a series of airstrikes by the ..

Ever Given

Suez reopens as stranded ship freed

New Delhi: The container ship that blocked the Suez Canal has been freed and is now on the move. Reports said the Even Given was ..

ever given

Container ship stuck in Suez Canal 'partially refloated'

Suez (Egypt): A canal services firm says that salvage teams have “partially refloated” the colossal container ship that ..


Scores of funerals held across Myanmar

Nay Pyi Taw: Scores of funerals were held across Myanmar on Sunday after the daily death toll resulting from clashes between protesters ..

myanmar anti coup protest

Deadliest day since coup; Myanmar forces kill 114

Yangon: As Myanmar's military celebrated the annual Armed Forces Day holiday with a parade Saturday in the country's capital, ..

CM will take appropriate decision over Lokayukta order, says Kanam
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