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‘Mr & Ms Rowdy’: A comic drama on quotation teams

When Jeethu Joseph casted Mohanlal’s son Pranav in ‘Aadhi’, he ..

‘Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel’ is an entertaining watch
9: A terrific visual experience
Mammootty enlivens YSR in ‘Yatra’

Feel Rajini magic in 'Petta' | Movie Rating : 3/5

Rajini is back…'Petta' is a typical Rajini movie. It is a combination of song, dance, punch dialogues and powerful fights ..


'Njan Prakashan' will illuminate viewers' hearts | Movie Rating : 3.5/5

There are certain special elements that we expect in a Sathyan Anthikad movie. Add to that the beauty of Fahadh’s acting. Then ..


'Maari 2' is a mass entertainer | Movie Rating : 3/5

As Dhanush fans were eagerly waiting for the second arrival of Maari, director Balaji Mohan has made a mass entertainer for the audience ..


Odiyan - a captivating story flopped in poor execution | Movie Rating : 2/5

Mohanlal starrer Odiyan made fans as well as moviegoers excited before its release. The film makers created such a huge hype to attract ..

third wife

The Third Wife: A visual poetry on sufferings of womanhood

‘The Third Wife’ is a debut directorial venture by Ash Mayfair. It portrays rural Vietnam in the 19th century. The story ..


‘Rojo’ reflects inherent violence in man

Rojo is an Argentinean movie directed by Benjamin Naishtat. It is an Argentinean film, set in the period of 1970s. The thriller concentrates ..


Bilathikuzhal is all about life-long obsession of human beings

Debutant Vinu Kolichal has come up with a simple movie which has a single focal point, an English barrel. The movie focuses on the ..

Summer Survivors

‘Summer Survivors’ moves through a blurred line between sanity and insanity

Summer Survivors is a Lithuanian movie directed by Marija Kavtaradze. It is a road film which delves into the mysterious depths of ..

Painting Life

Painting Life: A journey that can change your mind

‘Painting Life’ is an Indian movie directed by Bijukumar Damodaran. It is a simple movie which involves the exploration ..

Before the floods

‘Before the Flood’ is a thought-provoking film on man-made disasters

‘Before the Flood’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio is an English documentary film directed by Fisher Stevens. Leonardo himself ..

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