"I needed another eye, and vision," says Pappathy Limi on her Facebook page 'Pappathy Kannu'.

Sure enough, Limi has a third eye, her camera. She is a wedding photographer who has covered over 100 weddings so far. The highlight of her career is an Arab wedding she covered in Dubai.

Lady photographers are not a rarity now. There are professional and press photographers and a few wildlife photographers in Kerala too. But there are not many for whom photography is not a hobby, but job. For Limi, photography is strictly her profession.

The accidental photographer

LimiLimi studied Journalism for her PG and worked for a couple of Malayalam newspapers for a brief period. But she soon realised that was not her area. She had no passion for photography until she met her future husband and another shutterbug, Ashok. "In fact, I tried it to impress Ashok," quips Limi, though one would find it hard to believe it while browsing through her clicks.

"After we met, Ashok would always encourage me to learn photography. When two people get acquainted, they should also share knowledge, he would say. But I wasn't really interested. One day, however, it happened. Ashok was away and I decided to take a walk with the camera of a friend. I spent the entire day clicking and really loved one of them, an ant." And she became an expert.

Limi soon realised there is great demand for lady photographers among wedding planning companies as she started getting many offers. "A company based in Attingal approached me to work for them. I took up the job as my friends encouraged me. After that, I began getting more works."

"For pre-wedding and wedding photo shoots, many families, especially Muslims, prefer women photographers. Moreover, the brides are more comfortable that way," says Limi.

Pappathi Limi

Limi has worked for many leading companies in Kerala. It was Lumiere Wedding Company, Kochi, that offered her the opportunity to cover a traditional Arab wedding. "It was a unique experience. They prefer women photographers there. Besides, Indian professionals in this field have great demand abroad."

'Women see things differently'

"It is a profession involving stress and high risk. Photography is not a glamorous field. When you take a project, you can't miss out on a single moment of that event. There is hectic work. May be that is why girls here hesitate to enter this profession," feels Limi. However, she thinks women can make a mark in the field.

"The views of women and men are different. When it comes to wedding photography, women have a good eye for candid moments. Men work rather mechanically."

Limi also tries her hand in modelling photography, applying her own ideas.


Journeying together

Apart from photography, there is one thing that both Limi and Ashok love -- travel. In fact, that passion united Limi, a native of Kollam, and Ashok from Kannur. It goes without saying that the couple loves to explore nature. And they are a constructing an earth home in a forest!

Yes, that is right. A four-member gang including Ashok and Limi is now engaged in constructing a cob home, a house made of soil and water. They purchased 0.75 acres of land in Kulamavu in Idukki district for the purpose. The 320-sq-feet house is planned to be completed by April.


"I heard there is one such home in Alappuzha. I don't think there is more in Kerala," says Ashok.

After the work is over, Ashok and Limi are planning to go on a Himalaya trip on their bike. All the best to the couple!