Thenmala: Tourists started coming in large numbers to the Courtallam Falls and Tenkasi to celebrate the Diwali holidays. Large crowds have filled the streets and the Tenkasi Gopuram. All the small scale shops are situated near to the Gopuram (temple entry).

There have been long queues of tourists to take shower in the Courtallam Falls. It even extended to the temple nada. The police are trying to control the crowd. Though separate queues are arranged for men and women, the rush is beyond control.

As the force of water has increased, the tourists visiting the Falls have doubled considering last year.

The catchment areas of the Courtallam Falls have been receiving ample amount of rainfall this week also. College students from Kerala are coming in large numbers to visit the Falls. There are no special charges for taking a shower in the Falls which is also another attracting feature for the tourists.

Many new shops have also been opened with the increase in number of tourists. From salted mangoes to bangles, everything is available here.

The tourists coming to the Falls are also visiting the Courtallam temple. As the rain hasn’t subsided, the authorities expect that this year Courtallam season would last longer. Meanwhile, the beginning of Sabarimala season would also be an added benefit.