Punaloor: All it took was a report in Mathrubhumi and Onam was a pleasant surprise for the locals at Oliyarik. Families thronged the virgin waterfalls here during the Onam vacation, a marked departure from the boys-only crowd that used to trek here occasionally.

Oliyarik waterfalls have been long neglected for the bigger ones in the nearby eastern hills namely, the Kumbhavurutty and Palaruvi falls. Despite being smaller in size, the Oliyarik waterfalls aren't any behind in beauty.

The twin falls curling down from rocks has its virgin charm despite being smaller than the other two. The families which reached here for the Onam vacation celebrated their time taking selfies and bathing in the cool still waters. Many of them also said they had decided to explore the place after seeing the report in Mathrubhumi.

The Oliyarik falls, accessible after a trek through a narrow bund between a paddy field and a stream is located at Archal in Eroor Gram Panchayat. At Oliyarik, a stream flowing down from Ayilara in the Panchayat, twins over rocks and falls down frothing as the beautiful Oliyarik falls.

K Animon, a local resident, member and former Vice-President of the Panchayat said that the Panchayat will soon hold a meeting to discuss developing better facilities for tourists thus opening up the untapped tourist potential of the waterfalls. The waterfall, so far known only to the locals has immense potential to attract revenue through tourism and also develop power generation options.

The place can be reached via the Anchal- Punaloor route through Maanvila- Archal Gurumandiram Junction or via the Eroor Nettayamkonathu Junction.