Kochi: The upgradations to be made at the Vyttila mobility hub in the second phase would be of international standards. The project design is on the final stage. The authorities have said the project will soon become a reality. The report would soon be submitted to the government for accreditation.

The Vyttila mobility hub society have selected one of the models prepared by the project consultants. It was chosen at a meeting chaired by the district collector. The Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) has been chosen as the executing agency. They will complete the construction and will hand over to the Vyttila mobility hub to the society.

The KMRL has planned to complete the construction process in different phases. More details regarding this would be included in the final project report.

The French development agency, AFD which also provides external funding to the Metro project has shown interest in funding for the Hub project. But the final decision on this isn't still made.

Though the planning was going on for a long time, the project hasn’t been put into effect. R Girijia has been appointed as the new managing director of the Vyttila mobility hub society.


  • More facilities for pedestrians
  • Eco-freindly parks
  • Facilities to safeguard passengers
  • Business centres
  • Wide space for parking

Bus Bay 101

A three-storey building plan is under consideration. The hub will have facilities for bus bays and commercial shops. There will be separate facilities for city buses and long-distance buses.

There will be 101 bus bays with 16 bays for the city buses and 85 bays for the long-distance buses. There will be petrol pumps. Battery swapping stations are also included in the plan as the government is considering electric vehicles.

Multi-level facility will be arranged for parking. There will be space for 400 cars, 78 buses, 450 motor cycles and 50 autorickshaws. Following the airport model, special space will be setup for the taxis to drop and pick-up passengers.


The construction process will be eco-friendly. There will be more green spaces in the hub. In the 24-acre space, 39 per cent will be kept aside for green spaces namely parks or similar.  

The metro station also passes through the hub. Apart from this, there will be a boat jetty also near the hub. The authorities said that as the hub is a main centre where the road, water and rail transportations meet, it would be developed accordingly.