Aroor: The travel lovers have not yet fully explored the beauty of Kakkathuruthu island, though it has found a niche in the world travel atlas. The National Geographic Magazine has included Kakkathuruthu island in the list of places a person must watch in lifetime. The magazine has specially mentioned the beauty of sunset in the island, which is named ‘the island of crows’.

The shrubs on the banks of backwater and the diverse types of mangroves are the unique features of the island. About 300 families reside in the island that is 3 km long and 1.5 km wide. Their life is designed to suit the habitat of the island. The island cluster at Arookkutty can be reached by travelling through the backwater, to the north of Kakkathuruthu.

Despite presence of the novel tourist spots, no roads and paths have been made to reach the banks yet. No accommodation facility is available for the travelers. Model tourism villages like Kumbalangi has arranged homestay and hotels for the tourists.

Kakkathuruthu.  Photo: Mathrubhumi Archives

Even the small houses are prepared to provide homely food for the foreigners. Since no tourists visit Kakkathuruthu, such facilities are not available here. It takes only a few minutes from Kochi to Kakkathuruthu, if travelled by a speed boat. But even a tourism guide in our state does not mention it.

Many projects, such as circuit tourism which connects the islands and banks, can be implemented to bring tourists here. But unnecessary controversies and difficulties in land acquiring delays the projects, said A.M. Ariff MLA.

It has been years since they tried to construct a bridge to Kakkathuruthu. First they had planned to build a narrow bridge and the cost was estimated at Rs 5 crore. The island got the repute amidst their attempts. Thus considering the global reputation, they increased the estimate to Rs 25 crore.

Sunset in Kakkathuruthu
Kakkathuruthu.  Photo: Mathrubhumi Archives

The bridge to be built in the island will be able to accommodate larger vehicles. Funds are available to arrange lodging facilities for the travelers. But baseless controversies delay the plans, said the MLA.