Soochipara: The Sentinel Rock waterfalls or better known as Soochipara waterfalls is one of the major tourist destinations of Wayanad. The scenic waterfalls have been attracting tourists for a long time. The place has light snowfall during the wee hours of the day and the weather resembles that of Ooty.

With enough rainfall received, the waterfalls is rich with so much of water. The water falls from 100 to 200 ft high and the view is really eye-catching. It is a three step waterfalls falling high from the Sentinel rock.

There is facility to take bath and swim in the small river at the foot of the falls. Also the authorities say that it is less dangerous Sentinel Rock Waterfallunlike other waterfalls in the place. Most of the waterfalls in the region does not allow visitors to get down for bathing. It is also yet another factor that attracts more visitors here.

The Soochipara have always been the favourite for those loving adventure tourism and trekking. It is more than 200 m high and many visitors come here for hill climbing.

The best season to visit this waterfall is from November to May. The forest department has facilitated with more arrangements for the tourists. It spent about Rs 6.5 lakh for the renovation works, which were completed a few years back.

For safe trekking, handrails have been instituted at different places. Also steps were built to make the walking easier. The waterfall is surrounded by dense green forest. From Meppadi, it would take only 20 minutes on drive to reach the falls, then 2 km from the road by foot. 

If the visitors wish to spent a night at the place, the forest department have enough facilities for accomodation and food. The waterfall will be open for visitors from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Sentinel Rock Waterfall

With the advent of December, the climate will become more cold. The visit would surely be enlivening. Apart from Sentinel rock waterfalls, Wayanad has numerous other tourist destinations to offer the tourists.

It would take only two days to briefly visit all places. Edakkal Caves, Banasura Sagar dam, Meenmutty Waterfalls, Kuruva Island are just some of them.

The way through the Thamarassery ghat road itself is an adventure with nature’s painted all green around and fog filled hills.

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Nearest Railway Station: Kozhikode
Nearest Airport: Karipur international airport