Women solo travel

Women increasingly travelling solo out of India

Chennai:Indian travellers are showing interest in exploring newer destinations like ..

Baratang - A Geological Wonder
Kabir Music Travel
Rajasthan all set for the music voyage
Rainbows and a yawning monk

Across the hairpin curves and into the cloud-kissed hills

It was my long pending wish to set out for a long trip. But for this or that reason, it was delayed for long. Finally, all these have ..


A beautiful patch of Africa on Indian soil

The Siddhis own a daring history of survival. Shipped to India as slaves from Africa in the colonial era, their forefathers escaped ..


It takes a thousand eyes to watch it all at Unakoti

This travelogue has won the Sanchari- Mathrubhumi post of the week recognition instituted to encourage talented writers. 'Thuy' ..


Memories of a bike journey

Thevastness of green paddy fields greeted us in Palakkad -- The dance of the pastel golden coloured paddy, which was about to get ripened, ..

Bengaluru Palace

A fascinating journey through Karnataka

After about forty-five years gap, I came back to Bengaluru for a short visit. Expectations were high and I was longing to see the tremendous ..

Foreign country

Indians prefer foreign shores for long weekend getaways

New Delhi:With almost 15 long weekends lined up this year, Indian travel enthusiasts are making the most of the chance to explore international ..