From childhood, Govind had only one dream – to travel, especially in the forests. Getting to know the forests made him more close to the wildlife. Slowly and slowly, he started capturing the small movements of birds and animals. Eventually he groomed himself to be a wildlife photographer.

Now his Facebook page has more than 15 lakh followers and has never failed them. Like someone said, every picture in the page tells a different story and gives a new feel. 

Keralite Govind Vijayakumar, a native of Palakkad district, always found time to capture the nature and its fauna even between his busy work life in Bengaluru. The young man loves bird photography more.

Govind Vijayakumar

He has already travelled many places in India and have taken pictures of many animals and birds. The most beautiful pictures in his collection are those taken from Uttarakhand, Nagaland, Assam, Gujarat, West Bengal, Ladakh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Govind is a hardware engineer in Bengaluru and has been in the photography industry since 7 years.

Capturing time is significant

According to Govind, the first one hour after the sunrise and an hour before sunset are the most suitable time for photography. The motions of animals and birds could be best captured during this time. The most beautiful movements of birds would be during their breeding seasons. Govind is ready to wait for any long, to take a perfect snap. He says that it takes patience to bring perfection to a shot.

Govind Vijayakumar

When historic changes happened in wildlife photography, I was able to blend to those changes, he said. His travel experiences have contributed a lot in moulding him to an expert photographer. As the industry keeps advancing, it is necessary to move along and accept those changes. But still Govind debates that patience is a must to take that single perfect shot. He also believes that only an artist could become a perfect wildlife photographer.


It is very challenging to take the pictures of wild animals. He has experienced near escape from wild elephants and bears while trying capture them. He says these experiences have taught him that the wildlife photography is a field which needs high commitment and focus.

Govind Vijayakumar

Only a person who observes nature and animals can be a good wildlife photographer. The time, place and surroundings that you choose to take the picture will affect the photography. Friends who stay abroad in different countries have helped him in the photography field.

Govind Vijayakumar

Govind completed his BTech degree from Model Engineering College in Thrikkakkara. When he was in his final year of engineering he got placed in Wipro. Presently he works for Philips as a hardware engineer. His parents are T Vijayakumar and M Rajalekshmi. He has a sister – Leena.

King of Likes

15 lakh plus Likes...., It is not the FB page of any film actor or sports star but a nature lover, a passionate traveller and a wildlife photographer. Each and every Like in his page is a recognition to his talent and hard work. It is usually not very common to find huge followers in wildlife photography related pages on Facebook.

Govind Vijayakumar

His FB page is a clear example for the love that people have for his photos. His page ‘Govind Vijayakumar Photography’ received more than 15 lakh Likes within 3 years of starting the page. He finds time to post his pictures on the page amidst his busy schedule. He manages the page himself. He always adds a small caption along with the photos while posting.

For more photos, visit Govind’s Facebook page