India's one-day Covid count more than US, Brazil in past 7 days: WHO data

New Delhi: For the past seven days, India's single-day count of COVID-19 cases ..

WHO expert calls for quick response to COVID-19 resurgence
WHO expert calls for quick response to COVID-19 resurgence
WHO team to reach China next week to probe COVID-19 source
WHO to raise $31.3 billion against Covid-19

Smokers stand high risk if infected with COVID-19

Kochi: World Health Organisation has warned that smokers should be careful to prevent COVID-19 disease. Studies claim that patients ..

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Impossible to predict when COVID-19 pandemic will be controlled: WHO

Geneva: The World Health Organization's emergencies chief said it's possible the new coronavirus may be here to stay, warning ..


No guarantee coronavirus vaccine will be developed: WHO envoy

London: The World Health Organization (WHO) special envoy David Nabarro has warned that there is no guarantee that a coronavirus (COVID-19) ..

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Hear the words of WHO chief, directs SC in corona times

We are not dealing with an epidemic only, but an ‘infodemic’ that spreads like a virus greater than corona. The chief of ..


WHO lauds India's "tough and timely" anti-corona actions

New Delhi: The World Health Organization on Tuesday lauded "India's tough and timely actions" against the coronavirus ..


India has tremendous capacity in eradicating coronavirus pandemic: WHO

Geneva: India, which led the world in eradicating two silent killers - smallpox and polio - has a tremendous capacity in eradicating ..


WHO advises against lockdowns, says virus may resurge later

New Delhi/London: The World Health Organization has advised against lockdowns to combat the covid-19 pandemic arguing that the virus ..


'This is not a drill': WHO urges the world to fight virus

Bangkok: The global march of the new virus triggered a vigorous appeal from the World Health Organisation for governments to pull out ..


Coronavirus: UN meeting ponders fast-track drugs, vaccines

Geneva: The World Health Organization convened outside experts Tuesday to fast-track promising tests, drugs and vaccines to help slow ..


TB remains world's deadliest infectious disease: WHO

Geneva: Tuberculosis (TB) remains the world's deadliest infectious disease although global efforts have averted an estimated 54 ..


Nipah virus: WHO on alert, discusses with CEPI

Kochi: The World Health Organization (WHO) is planning to stage a study on Nipah virus. The cases of viral infections since it was ..

Air pollution fueling respiratory diseases in cities: WHO

Over 90 per cent of world breathing bad air: WHO

Geneva: Nine out of 10 people globally are breathing poor quality air, the World Health Organization said today, calling for dramatic ..


WHO declares global emergency over Zika virus spread

GENEVA: The World Health Organization declared a global emergency over the explosive spread of the Zika virus, which has been linked ..

Make healthy heart choices, WHO tells women

Make healthy heart choices, WHO tells women

New Delhi: On World Heart Day this year, the WHO is calling on countries to take action to reduce heart disease in women. Cardiovascular ..


Tobacco use kills over 1.3 mn every year in Southeast Asia: WHO

Dili (Timor-Leste): Over 1.3 million people die of tobacco consumption in Southeast Asia every year, with the region consisting of ..