Man arrested for stealing savings of 102-yr-old woman who sleeps on shop veranda

Irinjalakkuda: Police nabbed a man who stole the money of a 102-year-old woman while ..

Elusive thief falls asleep inside church hall, gets caught
Home nurse who stole gold, scooter from houses nabbed
Thief who hung his underwear on window grill of house before theft gets nabbed

Vicar watches man stealing in church via CCTV; when quizzed escapes comfortably

Kaduthuruthy: A man who stole money from the donation box installed inside the St George church, Manvettom in broad day light was caught ..


Man stealing idol, money caught-red handed as scooter breaks down near temple

Kodungallur: Natives caught a thief red-handed while trying to flee with stolen panchaloha idol, artefacts and money from a temple ..


Man who steals 'every single item' from shops he breaks into, arrested

Thiruvananthapuram: Police who searched the hideout of Thiruvallam Unni, an accused in over 200 theft cases, were stunned to see the ..


Thief steals jewels of a sleeping toddler, abandons boy on roof top

Perumanna (Kozhikode): In a strange incident, a thief stole the jewels of a sleeping one-year-old boy from the cradle and left the ..


Thief breaks into new house; eats birthday cake before stealing valuables

Chittariparamba (Kannur): A thief robbed a house where the house warming ceremony was held just a couple of days back. The theft ..


Rs 4 lakh robbed from church office after locking priests in their rooms in Kottayam

Changanassery: In a bizarre incident, Rs 4 lakh was stolen from the office of Thrickodithanam St Xavier’s Church after locking ..

kottakkal kuttippurathukav temple

Theft at Malappuram Kottakkal Kuttippurath Kavu Devi temple

Malappuram: In an alleged theft that took place at the Kottakkal Kuttippurath Kavu Devi temple, money from the hundi amounting to Rs ..


Catch me if you can; Robbers’ graffiti challenge to police

Wadakkanchery: A group of robbers broke into a house in Punnamparambil in Wadakkanchery on Sunday and left empty handed leaving a provoking ..


2 Kerala families robbed of Rs 6 lakh worth gold in Kochuveli Express in Konkan

Mumbai: Amid rising number of train theft cases along Konkan Railway, two families from Kerala were robbed of gold worth Rs 6 lakh ..


Thief breaks into Kayamkulam Magistrate Court

Kayamkulam: A thief broke into the Kayamkulam Magistrate Court on Wednesday night. The matter came to light when the staff reached ..