Everybody will love these banana-chocolate muffins

Robusta bananas and chocolates can create a tasty and healthy muffin that everyone ..

Tomato Pakoda
Make pakodas with tomato, kids will love it
Have you tried honey momos?
Munch on tasty masala-bread

Egg kebabs are a versatile and meaty treat

Ingredients Eggs: 5 nos (boiled) Meat: 500 grams (chicken/beef - boneless) Onions: 5 nos Green chilli: 6 nos Ginger: 1 teaspoon ..


Crispy cabbage vada is easy to make and very very tasty

Most of us know how to make stir fries and curries with cabbage. Here is how to make crispy vada with this humble ingredient. Ingredients ..

chilly chana

Munch on chilli-chickpea (chana) for tea

Ingredients Chickpea (chana): 1 cup (soaked) Oil: As per requirement (for deep frying and sautéing vegetables) Ginger: ..


Replace your teatime pakodas with beetroot chips

Beetroot chips is a wonderful healthy snack to replace pakodas for your evening tea. Here is how to make it. Ingredients Beetroot: ..


Quick and easy banana flower vada (vazhakkoombu vada)

Here is how to make healthy and crispy vada using banana flower Ingredients Banana flower (vazhakkoombu): 1 nos (finely chopped) ..


Genetics may play big role in kid's snacking patterns

Toronto: Parents, take note! The types of snacks a child chooses could be linked to genetics, a new study has claimed. The researcher ..

Moong dal vegetable fingers

Moong Dal Vegetable Fingers

Moong Dal or the green gram is packed with protein and low carbs, and is one of the best vegetarian super foods. Moong Dal Vegetable ..


Nutella Bread Rolls

Nutella bread roll is a perfect breakfast or an evening snack if you are the type with a sweet tooth. This is literally the easiest ..

kappa vada

Crispy Tapioca vada

Tapioca is a traditional food item which is common in Kerala. A variety of dishes can be prepared using tapioca including main course ..


Exotic Tapioca Kumpilappam

Cassava or tapioca is one of the traditional but popular food item in Kerala. Normally, cassava is associated with spicy fish curry ..