Sandhya Varma

Unspoken prayers answered

“Given an opportunity to visit the past and undo something, what would you ..

Parenting Paadangal
IIM-K Director Dr. Debashis Chatterjee releases 'Parenting Paadangal'
Taking care of our children’s mental health
Being a step parent-few more tips

Teach your child how to say no to drugs

Last week, I had elaborated about the ways of creating awareness about the perils of drug and substance abuse among kids in the 3-5 ..

children protection

Preventing your children from using drugs

It was a coincidence that just when I completed writing my previous article on how to teach our children to say ‘NO’, I ..

decision making in children

Teaching our kids to make decisions

Whenever I speak to a group of young people especially college graduates, I find 70% of them not happy with the decision of higher ..

children saving

Teaching our children value for money

As I mentioned in my previous article, some very important life skills should necessarily be taught to our children for them to lead ..

successful life

Teaching our children to ‘live’

It was during one of the career counselling sessions that I happened to interact with a third-year engineering student who came to ..


How to protect children from sexual abuse?

“Eleven arrests in three weeks raise alarm over rising child sexual abuse in Kerala.” “The number of cases registered ..

children technology

Raising children in the world of technology

The world around us is gradually getting divided into two, a real one and a virtual one and so are our social commitments. From attending ..


What and why to expect from our children?

“Can do better!!!” a phrase which has bothered me for years, a remark which repeated itself consistently like a customary ..

Mother and Baby

Which gender is more challenging to raise - girl or boy?

“I would definitely wish my daughter to study further, but what do I do when no one in our community would agree to marry her ..


Youth Festivals!! For or against our children??

A few weeks ago, the newspapers and the news channels across the state were flooded with colorful and vibrant news from the district ..


Parenting the inner “YOU”

It has been more than three months and ever since I have started writing this column, I have been addressing the issues and concerns ..


Supporting your children overcome examination stress

“Amma, I can’t do this anymore.” My teenage daughter Niharika screamed at me with her hands outstretched, full of ..

Mother and child

Parenting an adopted child

Parenting in general can be challenging and parenting adopted children adds another layer of complexity and adoption is a unique experience ..


Getting ready for adoption

“Psychologically-the hormones make me very irritable and reacting to everything. Physically- there is water retention and swelling ..


Let's train kids to face teasing and bullying

Each morning when the buses line up in front of the elementary, middle and high school buildings, an extraordinary social drama unfolds ..


Single Parenting - Challenging the stereotypes

February 7, 2013, Thursday 2:00 am, I held his weak, lifeless loose skinned hands in mine, sat next to him, as close as I could because ..


Understanding your child’s interests and curiosities

During one of the career guidance talks organised as a part of a career expo in Kozhikode, I was addressing a group of more than 600 ..


Raise with proper praise

"How can you be so dumb?" “All you do is worthless” “How could you be so stupid?” “Just ..