An alternate system of Education: Should parents think about it?

It breaks my heart and brings me to tears when I think that as I was wrapping up ..

What makes a good parent in today’s world?
Role of parents in children’s homework
Toddler Parenting Challenges - 2

Procrastination and poor decision making in your teen

Do you have issues with getting your teen listen to you? Does your teen keep delaying his chores at home or at school? Is he or she ..


How to help children cope with disasters?

Kerala is witnessing one of the worst times in its history. Life has been turned upside down, havoc everywhere around. The experience ..


What kids of today are missing?

I would like to begin this week’s article with few quotes, quotes both from famous people and not so famous and very common people ..


Parenting from behind the bars

As we talk about challenges all of us face while parenting our children in an extremely protected environment providing all the necessary ..


Are we raising a generation of self- focused kids?

According to a new research, young people today are significantly more narcissistic than during the 1980s and 1990s. A recent study ..

Children doing household chore

Getting children to do household chores - Part 2

There is always a debate on whether children should help around the house or not – with those being for them helping say ..

Children helping at home

Getting children to do household chores - Part 1

In today’s scenario, where it has become the need of the hour for both the partners to be working to run a family and life ..


Life after being a ‘Dad’

How your life changes once you are a DAD... June 17, 2018 when the world is celebrating the day to honor one of the most beautiful ..

child career

Influencing child’s career choice

How parents can influence their child’s career selection process? Whether we have lot of expectations from our children and ..


Career of our children: A need for paradigm shift

They say the most talked about topics in any part of the world are weather and politics! However, if you talk to parents anywhere, ..


Back to School Anxieties

How to help your child to start a new school year? Although they might complain about the end of summer and the start of homework, ..


How to tackle challenges of being a new mom?

We have been discussing about motherhood in the previous issue. Being a new mom is a challenging experience and we are going to deal ..


Motherhood: A new beginning

Second Sunday of May every year is observed and celebrated as the Mother’s Day and since I have been primarily connecting to ..


Teaching our children to apologize

I remember one sunny afternoon when my daughter was playing tag with a group of children. Suddenly, she ran into a friend and they ..


Why our children desperately love those FAD toys?

From snake n ladder, Ludo, chess, caroms etc. to monopoly, fidget spinners, play stations (different series), X-BOX and augmented reality ..


Negative thoughts and our teenagers

"I’m mad. I don’t know why. Sometimes I wake up mad; other days it creeps up on me. I don’t like it. It ..

teenage love

How to talk to your teenage child about love and infatuation

One of the major concerns of parents, who come to me seeking advice for their children, is the difficulty to handle the school and ..

teen love

Should parents keep away their teenage children from falling in love?

“Honor killing” is a term which is very commonly used in the villages of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan, and people associated ..


Parenting in Spain

Spanish parenting style is more or less similar to Indian parenting styles. In many families, both parents will work because the economy ..


Parenting styles around the world

Human beings do not have an inherent parenting style, we adapt and adopt our parenting styles from the environment, we are a part of ..

family holiday

Family time: A booster for your child’s mental health

Family time is something which we all talk and preach about and we know how good it is for our children and for us too. But thanks ..


Celebrate your child’s childhood

It’s been almost a year since I have started writing this column, and today when I look back at those fifty plus articles, I ..


Role of teachers in keeping our children mentally and emotionally fit

It is well said that mother is the first teacher for a child and a teacher is the mother forever. From times immemorial human kind ..


Attending to the emotional needs of children and teenagers

Last week, we had talked about the need to take care of the emotional needs of children, especially toddlers. Here, I will write about ..


How to take care of child’s mental health?

Before I begin to write this week’s article, I would like to thank you for the overwhelming response for the previous article ..


Taking care of our children’s mental health

Reading the title, you might feel that today’s article is only for the parents whose children are mentally ill, well in this ..


Being a step parent-few more tips

My last article mentioned about the problems confronted by step parents. As I said, all parents face difficulties now and then. But ..


Being a step parent

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a parent.”, “Parenthood requires love not DNA”, All these quotes ..


Anger management for parents

If I ask you, how many of you get angry at your children, I am sure most you, including me will fall into that category and what if ..

writing skills

Our children’s diminishing writing skills

Bad handwriting, wrong spellings, improper sentences, poor understanding of language, virtual language while writing, reluctance to ..

Raising children

Raising children in the land of liberty

It was with this rare opportunity of representing my organization, Junior Chamber International Calicut, India in a Global Partnership ..

video games

Video games and our children

“Blue whale” this name has been occupying a prominent place in the headlines for the past few weeks and I am sure all of ..


Few more tips for travelling mothers

In continuation to the previous article, here are few suggestions based on my personal experience on how to prepare your child before ..

travelli ng mother

Travelling mothers

Though I had always wanted to work even after having a baby and did not want a break in my career, but after my daughter was born things ..


Our children and their selfies

"Eight youths, who had gone for a picnic to the picturesque Vena Lake near Nagpur, drowned when they fell off a boat while clicking ..


Parenting after adolescence

There is one thing about parenting that it never stops, once a parent is always a parent. I understand, parenting during adolescence ..


Teach your child how to say no to drugs

Last week, I had elaborated about the ways of creating awareness about the perils of drug and substance abuse among kids in the 3-5 ..

children protection

Preventing your children from using drugs

It was a coincidence that just when I completed writing my previous article on how to teach our children to say ‘NO’, I ..


Teaching our children to say ‘NO’

For many of you the title of today’s article may come as a surprise and most of you may not even agree with me. You may wonder, ..

decision making in children

Teaching our kids to make decisions

Whenever I speak to a group of young people especially college graduates, I find 70% of them not happy with the decision of higher ..

children saving

Teaching our children value for money

As I mentioned in my previous article, some very important life skills should necessarily be taught to our children for them to lead ..

successful life

Teaching our children to ‘live’

It was during one of the career counselling sessions that I happened to interact with a third-year engineering student who came to ..


Teaching children to respect their grandparents

Though I keep getting emails and calls as a response to my articles, a few of them appreciating, some criticizing and some encouraging ..

quarelling parents

How parental conflicts affect children?

I usually have this habit of including lots of fun games and activities during my workshop especially when the audience are children ..