mother and child

Parenting stress weakens mother-child communication

Singapore: mothers who reported higher levels of parenting stress had less synchrony ..

child with mobile phone
This app will tell what babies think, feel
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This is how a father should spend time with kids
mother and child
'Cares' may contribute mothers to inadequate protection in subsequent pregnancies

Being a step parent-few more tips

My last article mentioned about the problems confronted by step parents. As I said, all parents face difficulties now and then. But ..


Few more tips for travelling mothers

In continuation to the previous article, here are few suggestions based on my personal experience on how to prepare your child before ..


Raising children in the land of liberty

It was with this rare opportunity of representing my organization, Junior Chamber International Calicut, India in a Global Partnership ..

travelli ng mother

Travelling mothers

Though I had always wanted to work even after having a baby and did not want a break in my career, but after my daughter was born things ..


Our children and their selfies

"Eight youths, who had gone for a picnic to the picturesque Vena Lake near Nagpur, drowned when they fell off a boat while clicking ..


Parenting after adolescence

There is one thing about parenting that it never stops, once a parent is always a parent. I understand, parenting during adolescence ..


Teach your child how to say no to drugs

Last week, I had elaborated about the ways of creating awareness about the perils of drug and substance abuse among kids in the 3-5 ..

children protection

Preventing your children from using drugs

It was a coincidence that just when I completed writing my previous article on how to teach our children to say ‘NO’, I ..


Teaching our children to say ‘NO’

For many of you the title of today’s article may come as a surprise and most of you may not even agree with me. You may wonder, ..

decision making in children

Teaching our kids to make decisions

Whenever I speak to a group of young people especially college graduates, I find 70% of them not happy with the decision of higher ..

successful life

Teaching our children to ‘live’

It was during one of the career counselling sessions that I happened to interact with a third-year engineering student who came to ..


Teaching children to respect their grandparents

Though I keep getting emails and calls as a response to my articles, a few of them appreciating, some criticizing and some encouraging ..

quarelling parents

How parental conflicts affect children?

I usually have this habit of including lots of fun games and activities during my workshop especially when the audience are children ..


For the surrogate mothers...

“I live in a slum in Chennai's Vyasarpadi area and I come from a very poor family. My husband is an auto-rickshaw driver ..


How to protect children from sexual abuse?

“Eleven arrests in three weeks raise alarm over rising child sexual abuse in Kerala.” “The number of cases registered ..


Helping our children to make career choices

With the higher secondary and senior secondary board examination and the results season approaching, ‘Career’ is one word ..


It's not easy to be a homemaker

“Oh… so you’re a homemaker… then you have it easy….you must have lots of free time.” A common ..


Raising our children with honesty

“It was the day of Saraswati Pooja and there was a celebration at the local temple and I wanted to be there around noon to offer ..

children technology

Raising children in the world of technology

The world around us is gradually getting divided into two, a real one and a virtual one and so are our social commitments. From attending ..


Learning Expectations

All of us know, but we sometimes forget, that all children do not learn at the same rate, within the same time frame, with the same ..


What and why to expect from our children?

“Can do better!!!” a phrase which has bothered me for years, a remark which repeated itself consistently like a customary ..


Parenting: Then and Now

Children matter much to all parents. They are our assets and they make our lives complete. They are our conduit to the future and they ..


Parenting the inner “YOU”

It has been more than three months and ever since I have started writing this column, I have been addressing the issues and concerns ..


Supporting your children overcome examination stress

“Amma, I can’t do this anymore.” My teenage daughter Niharika screamed at me with her hands outstretched, full of ..

Mother and child

Parenting an adopted child

Parenting in general can be challenging and parenting adopted children adds another layer of complexity and adoption is a unique experience ..


Getting ready for adoption

“Psychologically-the hormones make me very irritable and reacting to everything. Physically- there is water retention and swelling ..


Let's train kids to face teasing and bullying

Each morning when the buses line up in front of the elementary, middle and high school buildings, an extraordinary social drama unfolds ..

single student school

How to make learning simple?

At the end of a long tiring day, a phone call from an old colleague from Chennai added to my happiness of sipping the evening ginger ..


Effective learning environment at home

It was one of those days when I was relaxing and lost in my own world reading a book on Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and lessons from his teachings ..


Significance of effective parent-teacher relationship

It’s about that time when our child is at an age where we start looking for a place which for the next 10-12 years of their life ..


The masterful mentors called grandparents

“Apoopa! Can you please tell me another story?” That was the sixth time my daughter was requesting her grandfather for ..


Understanding your child’s interests and curiosities

During one of the career guidance talks organised as a part of a career expo in Kozhikode, I was addressing a group of more than 600 ..


Raise with proper praise

"How can you be so dumb?" “All you do is worthless” “How could you be so stupid?” “Just ..


Will sleeping during studies help kids relearn faster?

London: Letting your children take a quick nap during study hours could help them recall faster what they studied and make relearning ..

Mother and baby

Mother's affection can combat depression in kids

New York: A depressed mother's stress can pass on to infant before his or her life begins in many ways. But according to a new ..


Parental age may affect how long offspring live

New York: Offspring produced by older parents often do not live as long and researchers have now discovered why this is so. The age ..