Pradeep's organic farm

Dream come true moment for farmer as organic vegetables for Onam survive rain havoc

Kundara: It was a dream come true moment for Kanjirakode native Pradeep when ..

Nanniyode organic village
Organic village in Nanniyode all set to harvest fresh veggies for Onam
Onakkodi to organic farmer
Kasaragod Collector honours organic farmer by gifting ‘Onakkodi’
Fr. Yohannan Yoseph at his farm
Here’s a priest who treasures fresh produce for all at his ‘Bethlehem’
rice water

Keep some rice water (Kanjivellam); Save your vegetables from pests

Rice porridge or gruel is a common healthy light food in Kerala. It is made by boiling rice with plenty of water. Though it is consumed ..


Elephant dung compost: A good choice for organic farmers

Elephant, the biggest animal on land, has been used for many purposes by human beings. But how many of us know that elephant dung also ..


'Amrita Jalam' for crops to boost production

The soil has to be nourishing, air and water permeable and water absorbent in order to enhance productivity. Also presence of microbes ..


‘Communist Pacha’ can be used as effective manure

Some of the weeds which farmers consider as a curse can actually be a boon, if wisely utilized. Weeds can be turned into effective ..

Tricho cake

Tricho Cake – an affordable shield for grow bag farming

Plant diseases always attack the crops and result in huge loss. Even when the plants are grown in grow bags, the diseases never fail ..

Drumstick leaves

Drumstick leaves extract as organic growth hormone for plants

When the plants in out gardens fail to flourish or bear fruit in the right time, most of us take resort to growth hormones. However, ..


Shallot peel solution for insect menace

The peel and outer layers of shallot onion and garlic can be used as effective pesticides in organic farming. Collect the peel and ..


Expat invests in organic farm; gains profit within 4 yrs

An expatriate has proved the effectiveness of organic farming by producing long beans, okra, cucumber, tubers, pineapple, plantain ..

Banana peel

Banana peel as a growth booster for plants

Banana peel is usually thrown away carelessly to the dust bin. In fact, banana peel can be used as a perfect manure for the kitchen ..


Brinjal: The low-cost, easy-to-grow crop for all climates

Brinjal is a vegetable that is available in a variety of colors and shapes. Its biggest advantage is that it can be cultivated in all ..

long beans

8th std boy harvests 800 kg long beans from 10-cent land

Abhilal, a student of 8th standard, finds his pocket money by farming with his father. He is the son of Perinthalmanna Pulamanthol ..

Pests on plant

Get rid of pests with these simple tricks

The attack of pests and insects is always a headache for those who maintain a kitchen garden. We can try some simple ideas to eliminate ..


Come on, let’s grow potato at home

Potato is an inevitable item in our cuisine. It is one of the most cultivated tubers. Also, potato is a rich source of vitamin C, B6, ..

long beans

Long beans for beginners in farming

Many of the beginners in farming start with long beans or asparagus beans as the first crop in their garden. This crop is not only ..

coriander leaves

Home-grown coriander leaves for healthy flavor

Coriander leaves has the status of only a guest in Kerala cuisine. In the past, we were familiar with only the flavor of curry leaves ..


Pour fish water and see the chilli yield

Chilli is a common plant in every home garden. But we ignore the plant, though it gives us chilli all year around. For better yield, ..

neem cake

Identify fake neem cake (veppin pinnakku) with a simple trick

Malayalis are too much inclined to organic farming. Unfortunately, not many people who support organic farming are aware of the ..


Come to Sreenivasan’s Marayoor farm and see how organic it is

Marayoor: Harvesting began at the vegetable farm owned by actor Sreenivasan in Marayoor hill ranges. A staunch advocate of organic ..

women organic farmers

Women lead the way in organic farming

Pandalam: When these housewives ventured into the vegetable farming, their sole aim was to produce vegetables for household consumption ..


A public library grows organic veggies in a temple complex

Chathannur: Plakkad public library has become a trail blazer by getting into organic farming with local volunteers pledging their ..

Curry leaves

Soon, toxic-free curry leaves in Kannur, thanks to Forest dept

Kannur: The forest department is getting ready to grow organic curry leaves in all houses in Kannur district. It was found in the ..


No one gets to beat Chandu in organic farming

Upputhara: Not a son of the soil in the strict sense, but this 26-year-old post graduate from Thrissur has made a mark in the agricultural ..


Chackochan's farm is a paradise of fruits

The farm of Pallivathukkal Chackochan of Kanjirappally is an orchard which boasts of over 60 fruit trees. The orchard that spreads ..


Radhamani sets up a vegetable farm on terrace, ensures an organic Onam feast

Thalayolaparambu: A homemaker decided that she would prepare Onam sadya for her family this year using pesticide-free vegetables, and ..

Writer C Radhakrishnan

Kerala should become a fully organic state, says C Radhakrishnan

Peechi: Eminent writer C Radhakrishnan on Saturday expressed confidence that Keralites can turn their state into a completely organic ..


Toxic-free vegetables for Onam: Agri Research Station launches organic farming

Ambalavayal: With an objective to produce pesticide-free vegetables for the upcoming Onam season, the Regional Agricultural Research ..

C J John

John, 70, harvests 5,000 kg of vegetables in a year

Kizhakkanchery (Palakkad): Age is just a number for C J John, especially when it comes to farming. At 70, he is still working actively ..


It's time for organic curry leaf harvest in Alathur

Alathur: The fully organic curry leaf farm at Padur will see its first harvest on Saturday. The one-acre stretch of fully organic ..