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Kerala children prone to obesity, diabetes; Doctors to conduct awareness in schools

Thiruvananthapuram: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) is planning to start an ..

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Obesity rates soar due to dramatic global diet shift: UN report
Obesity causes diabetes in women, kidney disease in men
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Green tea helps combat obesity, inflammation

Soup before meal may help lose weight

New York: If you are planning to cut down on foods rich in saturated fats such as butter, cream, cheese, and meat, drinking soup rich ..


Refrain from dieting, eat regularly to sustain weight loss

London:If you are trying to manage your weight with dieting, you may be wrong, as it can make you fatter. Instead, start eating regularly, ..

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Eat right, Exercise: Make these simple changes in your lifestyle to prevent obesity

Avoid obesity and its related health problems like diabetes, hypertension and hormonal disorders by changing few habits. Stop smoking, ..


Scientists from Kerala develop natural remedy from seaweeds to treat obesity

Kochi: Indian marine scientists have developed a "natural remedy" from seaweeds for treating obesity and dyslipidemia, ..


Beat obesity with these 4 yoga poses

The term 'obese' describes a person who's very overweight as classified by the body mass index (BMI) method. Obesity can ..


Heavy people may die up to 3 years early!

London: Being too heavy may cost you your life — literally. Scientists say overweight people die one year earlier than expected ..