Supreme Court

Mental health of person cannot be compressed into one size fits all approach: SC

New Delhi: The mental health of a person cannot be compressed into a ''one ..

Say NO to Toxic relationships
Say NO to toxic relationships
Online class
Children are not happy with online classes, reveals study
I am with you…

Mental health through Social Emotional Learning

Though India is stated to be rich in diversity and color, this democratic county is seeing increasing degrees of intolerance, insecurity, ..

sharada menon

Meet 97-year-old Dr Sarada Menon who says women are more vulnerable to mental illness

Padma Bhushan Dr M. Sarada Menon is the first female psychiatrist in India and the founder of the Schizophrenia Research Foundation ..

Sushant Singh Rajput

'Miles to go for effective suicide-prevention protocols in India'

New Delhi: The apparent suicide of rising Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput has once again focused on two glaring lacunae: that while ..

kca select robin uthappa as kerala team captain

After Sushant Singh Rajput's death Robin Uthappa speaks out on depression

Mumbai: Expressing his shock which is "beyond understanding", India batsman Robin Uthappa on Sunday said it is completely ..


Severe mental health issues await Keralites post-coronavirus pandemic, claim experts

Kochi: Mental health experts claim that the mental stress and anxiety among Keralites would be above the national average post the ..


Air pollution may affect psychological health in kids

Air pollution may affect our physical and psychological health in the long run as researchers have found that the children who are ..


How meditation can help you make fewer mistakes

New Delhi: Researchers have found that meditation could help you to become less error prone. According to the health experts here, ..


Glenn Maxwell off cricket to take care of mental health

Melbourne: Australia all-rounder Glenn Maxwell has withdrawn from the ongoing T20I series against Sri Lanka and has decided to take ..


Encounter with 'God' may bring long-lasting health

New York: A personal encounter with the "ultimate reality" or God -- spontaneous or under the influence of a psychedelic ..

Social media

These negative social media behaviours are linked to depression

New York: While scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, did you ever feel that everyone else is living their life better than you? ..


Bottling up your emotions can affect your immunity: Study

New York: Teenagers who tend to suppress their emotions or stress can significantly impact their health which can affect their immunity ..

mental health

Mindfulness: An ancient remedy for the modern world's stresses

Today’s world is full of an unprecedented number of distractions and anxieties. The cities we work in are denser than ever. Our ..


People facing high mental stress post-floods

Kochi: People in Kerala are facing high mental pressure after the devastating floods affected their lives. According to experts, mental ..

സ്‌കിസോഫ്രീനിയയെ അടുത്തറിയുക

Dark Side of Mental Illness

Lately, many tragedies headlined in the media were categorized under mental health. There were a few gruesome murders of kith and kin ..


How to gain super-sized memory with training!

London: Far from being limited to a gifted few, the ability to perform astonishing feats of memory, such as remembering lists of several ..

new genera of birds

Watching birds can improve your mental health

London: If you are living in a neighbourhood surrounded by trees and shrubs, with birds chirping all the time, there are less chances ..

Girls more sensitive to childhood family breakups

Girls more sensitive to childhood family breakups

Washington D.C: A new study has revealed that childhood family breakups are harder on girls' health. Recent University of Illinois ..