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Maradu apartment concrete debris completely removed after 6 months from demolition

Kochi: It has been six months since the illegal apartments that came up on the banks ..

supreme court
Where are details of buildings that violated CRZ rules?; SC notice to Kerala govt
Govt not to takeover Maradu land
Doesn’t know who sanctioned Maradu flats and when, says Govt
Rubble master

'Rubble Master' to convert Maradu flat debris to M sand

Kochi: ‘Rubble Master’, a crusher machine will play the major role in removing the huge quantity of concrete waste from ..


Maradu flat demolition: Rs 200 cr liability for banks

Kochi: Banks and housing loan enterprises have been facing a threat of bad debt following the demolition of the four flat complexes ..


No damage to anganwadi, under construction apartment complex

Kochi: The demolition of Golden Kayaloram through implosion was a perfect application of demolition technology and expertise. When ..

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Maradu mission complete: Fourth flat comes crashing down

Kochi: Golden Kayaloram, another building in Maradu flat complex, was demolished through controlled implosion on Sunday at 2.30 pm ..


Golden Kayaloram implosion: Third siren sounded

Maradu: The second round of implosion is scheduled at 2 p.m, when the Golden Kayaloram flats comprising around 66 flats, will be brought ..


Jains Coral Cove a perfect implosion; No debris falls into backwaters

Kochi: The implosion of the 55-meter high Jains Coral Cove was perfect and not a single piece of debris fell into the Maradu backwaters ..

Jains Cove

Jains Coral Cove razed down into rubble within seconds

Kochi: One more illegal lakeside apartment complex here was demolished on Sunday using controlled implosion method, complying with ..

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Ceremonial pooja held before implosion of flats in Maradu

Kochi: Ahead of the demolition of the flats in Maradu, a ceremonial pooja was held on Saturday around 7.45 am in front of Holy Faith ..


3rd siren sounded at 11.02 am; Jains Coral Cove minutes from turning into dust

Third iren sounded at 11. 02 Second siren sounded at 10.55 am Onlookers assemble in large numbers to see the implosion Traffic ..


`Maradu flat demolition' tops on Google Trends

Kochi: Maradu flat demolition is the hot topic of discussion across the country. On Saturday, Maradu flat demolition was the most searched ..

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Maradu flat demolition: Two down, two more to go on Sunday

Maradu: Two luxury apartment complexes, illegally built violating Coastal Regulation Zone norms, went to debris here on Saturday as ..


Maradu apartment complexes demolition evokes mixed reactions

Kochi: Reactions were mixed from among the thousands who watched the demolition of two illegal apartment complexes at Maradu here on ..

Marafu Flat

Maradu flat demolition: No harm to life or property, says IG Vijay Sakhare

Kochi: Kochi city police commissioner Vijay Sakhare reported no harm to any human life or animal life has taken place and no perceptible ..


Maradu flat demolition: Final siren sounded; road traffic restored

Kochi: Officials sounded a final siren at Maradu on Saturday noon to mark lifting of restrictions over entry into the demolition site ..

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Maradu blast was a clean one: Explosive expert

Kochi: R. Venugopal, the top explosion expert soon after three blocks of flats of two builders here were razed to dust on Saturday, ..


2 illegal apartment complexes in Kerala brought down; SC order implemented

Kochi: Two high rise apartment complexes were demolished on Saturday using controlled implosion as authorities began implementing ..

alfa serin

Alfa Serene twin towers demolished

Kochi: Alfa Serene twin towers were also demolished after Holy Faith H2O was reduced to a pile of concrete. Block-B of Alfa Serene ..

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Holy Faith H2O reduced to a pile of concrete

Kochi: Holy Faith H2O was reduced to a pile of concrete in moments after the third siren was sounded. Holy Faith was the first among ..

Dr R Venugopal, SB Sarvathe, Snehil Kumar Singh

Meet the trio who spearheaded Maradu flat demolition

As Kerala witnessed the mega demolition of luxury flats in Maradu, which were constructed violating Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) rules ..

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Blasting spot of Alfa Serene shifted to 130 meters for safety reasons

Kochi: The blasting point of Alfa Serene twin towers has been shifted from 100 metres to 130 metres. The shift is to avoid any damages ..

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Debris falls into lake; Officials head to demolition spot for review

Kochi: Following the demolition of the two flats in Maradu, officials concerned have headed to the spot for a review. Technical experts ..


Maradu flats will be reduced to seven-storey tall pile of debris

Kochi: If the demolition of Maradu Flats goes as planned, the concern is regarding the amount of debris left at the spot. According ..

alpha serene flat

Holy Faith H2O and Alpha Serene will become history in hours; evacuation started

Kochi: Holy Faith H2O and twin towers of Alpha Serene will become history in a matter of hours. Evacuation ahead of the demolition ..


"If a building could speak, it would have said 1000 times I am innocent"

Kochi: "If a building could speak, it would have said 1,000 times I am innocent',says an NRI businessman, summing up the emotions ..

Maradu Flats

Maradu flats demolition: Mock drill carried out successfully

Kochi: Four months after the Supreme Court ordered the demolition of four multi-storey illegal apartment complexes at Maradu, near ..

Maradu flat

Maradu: Flying of drones prohibited, Sec 144 to be in place

Kochi: Section 144 of CrPC will be imposed on the land,water and in air in the evacuation zone of all the illegal water front apartment ..


Maradu flats will become memory soon

Kochi: Filled with explosives, the four flats in Maradu are awaiting their inevitable fate. The place where 325 families were enjoying ..

golden kayaloram flat

Maradu Flats: 23 seconds is all it takes for the buildings to go down

Kochi: 23 seconds is all it takes for the Maradu flats to be demolished. Golden Kayaloram will go down in six seconds, Jain Coral Cove ..


Maradu: Locals concerned over demolition; total explosives to be reduced

Kochi: The government officials will visit the neigbouhood of Maradu on Thurdsay morning and address the concerns of the locals. The ..


Demolition of Golden Kayaloram: Builders file plea for Rs 125 cr insurance coverage

Kochi: A plea was filed in the Kerala High Court seeking to issue directions for providing an insurance coverage of Rs 125 crore for ..


Maradu flat demolition leaves children in distress during exam days

Kochi: As the authorities have started to demolish the controversial flats in Maradu, children in neighbouring areas got into trouble ..

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Maradu flat demolition too mired in corruption; allegations arise

Kochi: There are allegations of corruption in the demolition process of controversial Maradu flats. It is alleged that the company ..


Demolition begins, sleepless nights for neighbours of Maradu flats

Maradu: Local people residing close to the Maradu flats said it is nearly a month they have had sleepless nights since the works on ..