One of the biggest rackets in India are of illegal "cold storages" or "meat processing" factories

Last year I went to Belagavi, Karnataka to answer a frantic call for help by local ..

How moonlight influences life
Cattle feed contamination can be tragic
How nature designs eyes
vegan diet

Be political when you choose to be vegan

Veganism must become a political movement. At the moment it is nowhere near that, anywhere in the world. And the fault lies with vegans ..


Know this before you eat tuna next time

Yellow fin tuna products sold in the U.S. are being recalled, through an order by the Food and Drug Administration, because they can ..


Veganism is not about buying ‘something else’

A few months ago a Vegan fest was held in Delhi. It was attended by hundreds of young, affluent, well read and enthusiastic people ..


Dolphins and whales are key to survival on earth

I have just returned from an amazing assembly of a 100 very special people with visionary ideas, inventions and research who gathered ..

animal cruelty

Judges be aware of animal cruelty

Some of our judges are now beginning to understand what animal cruelty does to a nation and act on it. Acting Chief Justice of Punjab ..

BSP elephant symbol

When animals are made election symbols

Many years ago, when T.N. Seshan was Election Commissioner, Dr. Jayalalithaa’s party had a rooster (cock) as a symbol. During ..

bird eye

Strangest eyes in nature

Imagine if your nose were to be on top of your head, eyes on your stomach and a mouth on your feet. I’m sure that such an animal ..

Candida auris

Threat of multidrug resistant fungi

Candida auris is a dangerous fungal infection that emerged in 2009 in Japan and has now spread round the world, especially in hospitals ..


Living in group makes sense for animals too

Ants and bees have become paragons of a system that’s coordinated but without central control. Intelligence does not belong to ..


Would you want to get addicted to the cocktail of drugs in meat?

Some time ago I wrote an article about the cocktail of drugs in meat in India. One of the drugs that I mentioned was Ractopamine. ..


Why do you work at slaughterhouses?

In every survey taken across the world, the worst jobs that emerge are sewage cleaners, and people that work in the factory farm and ..