State yet to allow use of automatic vehicles for driving tests, despite ministry's nod

Thiruvananthapuram: Although the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways allowed ..

Bribe for issuing vehicle fitness certificate; MVD officer caught red-handed
MVD Kerala
Guruvayur MVD has no vehicle of its own, rely on autorickshaws for official duties
police checking
Plus Two student caught riding scooter in Kochi; MVD slaps fine of Rs 25,000 on uncle

MVD cancels driving licence of 259 KSRTC drivers within last 5 years

Thiruvananthapuram: The Motor Vehicle Department has revoked driving licence of 259 KSRTC drivers over charges of traffic rule violations ..


Kerala MVD officers develop system to detect sleeping drivers

Thiruvananthapuram: Vehicle inspectors of the Kerala Motor Vehicles Department have developed a system to recognise and alert drivers ..

Online test

Cheating in online test for learner’s license: Pass percentage goes up

Thiruvananthapuram: As the learner’s driving license test switched to online mode, the percentage of candidates passing the exam ..

head light

MVD to use lux meters to identify drivers using high beam at night

Kochi: The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) is set to use lux meters to identify drivers using high beams and powerful lights at night ..

ആ ‘നമ്പർ’ ഇനി വേണ്ട; പിടിവീഴും

MVD to seize motorbikes without proper vehicle number plates

Kakkanad: Motor Vehicle Department is preparing to seize motor bikes that do not carry valid registration number plates. 2 super bikes ..

Operation Screen

MVD temporarily suspends ‘Operation Screen’

Thiruvananthapuram: ‘Operation Screen’ of the Motor Vehicle Department has been stalled temporarily. The inspection of ..

RC Book And Driving Licence

Kerala MVD brings down penalty for registration renewal, changes heavy license norms

Kerala Motor Vehicle Department has brought down the penalty for renewal of registration for private vehicles. The renewed rate of ..


Kerala Motor Vehicle Department to become online from New Year

Kerala Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) will usher in the New Year by making all its offices online. From January 1, 2021, all services ..

RC Book And Driving Licence

Duplicate driving licence will burn a hole in your pocket

Getting a duplicate driving licence will burn a hole in your pocket from now. The charge for procuring a duplicate drivers licence ..


MVD to suspend license of 90 KSRTC drivers who took part in lightning strike

Thiruvananthapuram: The Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) ordered to suspend the license of 90 KSRTC bus drivers who participated in a ..


MVD gives clarification on allegations of imposing unreasonable penalties

Social media is filled with voice messages and pictures claiming that the Motor Vehicle Department is levying penalties from vehicle ..

More than 6 lakh people awaits driving license in Kerala

No class or test; over 6 lakh await driving license in Kerala

Around six lakh people in Kerala are waiting for their driving licenses as driving tests in the state have come to a halt following ..


Want to sell your old vehicle for scrap? Pay taxes and get a fitness certificate first

Thiruvananthapuram: Do you want to scrap your old vehicle? Pay taxes first. Then the insurance. Next, carry out repairs and get a fitness ..


Removing mud flaps from vehicles could attract fine of Rs 10,000: MVD

Motorcycles speeding away splattering pedestrians and other vehicles are a common sight during the rainy season. Two wheelers, mostly ..

muthanga check post

Kerala MDV recommends restrictions on inter-state travel after lockdown

Thiruvananthapuram: The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) has recommended restrictions on inter-state travel once lockdown is lifted ..

Vehicle checking

537 people fined for helmetless pillion riding; Kasaragod tops list

Thiruvananthapuram: A total of 537 persons were fined on Tuesday for travelling on the pillion seat without helmet in the state. Rs ..


Vehicle inspector folds hands, bows before man riding scooter with 4 kids

Fort Kochi: Motor Vehicle Inspector N Vinod Kumar and team were on a regular inspection at Veli Ground near Fort Kochi. Shocking the ..

traffic light

Traffic rule violation: MVD gets Rs 7.35 crore as fine

Kochi: Around 1.83 lakh vehicles have been caught in the CCTV cameras set up by the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) to find out traffic ..

tourist bus

MVD nabs 41 tourist buses for decorative fittings

Kakkanad: The Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) is on a new mission to stop modification of tourists buses. This trend is converting tourist ..

luxury vehicle

‘PY’ to ‘KL’ migration: MVD collects Rs 1 crore from 13 vehicles in Ernakulam

Kakkanad (Ernakulam): With 13 luxury vehicles shifting its registration from Puducherry (PY) to Kerala (KL), the Motor Vehicles Department ..

mtor vehicles

20,437 driving licences cancelled within a year

Alappuzha: The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) cancelled 20437 driving licences in the state during 2017. 9014 licences were cancelled ..


Now, get WhatsApp alerts to avoid road accidents

Ponkunnam: Tourist taxi drivers in Ponkunnam in association with Motor Vehicle Department has launched a campaign to avoid accidents ..

bike without silencer

Operation Thunderbolt to seize bikes making deafening noise

Karunagappally: The Motor Vehicle Department has strengthened actions against bikes that make deafening noise leading to noise pollution ..


Traffic offenders beware! MVD is getting smarter day by day

Thiruvananthapuram: The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) on Wednesday got 49 new vehicles equipped with modern gadgets to make daily ..