Sexual abuse case against Jalandhar bishop

Judge shown the door when there is strong evidence in sexual case

It is a case of gross misconduct - sexual abuse by additional district judge. When ..

Govt must be fully equipped to deal with Covid exigency: Bombay HC
A Covid man should get a decent burial, says Bombay HC quoting Oscar Wilde
Strict proof for marriage not necessary: SC
killer father

A killer father shocks SC

The Supreme Court was shocked when it found that a father was telling blatant lies even after killing his pregnant daughter. The man ..


When an MLA played delaying tactics in court...

The Supreme Court took strong exception when an MLA adopted delay tactics in the High Court to ward off the threat of a Damocles’ ..


Do not use child as a tool to fight husband

The Delhi High Court strongly deplored the tactics adopted by a woman to use her daughter as a tool to inflict hatred against her husband ..


Husband's extramarital relationship is not a cruelty that drives wife to suicide

The Supreme Court has held that solely because the husband is involved in an extramarital relationship, it cannot be regarded as a ..