Black sheep in police and Govt departments are also encroachers: Madras HC

Unauthorised constructions are mushrooming in Tamil Nadu and the Government land ..

SC chides hospital authorities for fire in Covid Hospital
SC acts on Army doctor who misbehaves towards 2 women
Something is rotten in Kerala Police; HC flays unholy nexus between police-accused

Prisoner has right to get speedy justice: SC

The apex court was so pained to see a prisoner in jail waiting for justice indefinitely. The court felt it to be an inhumane act and ..


Rape victim a blatant liar, HC must have been more cautious, says SC

The Supreme court totally doubted a rape case and hence the conviction and jail term imposed on the accused by the court was set aside ..


A misplaced bravado

The Supreme Court severely criticised BJP MP Pramod Tiwari for stooping low and casting aspersions on the administration of justice ..


Dear Magistrates, your handwriting must be legible, warns HC

For want of a legible handwriting, the case before the High Court shall not be defeated. So the High Court directed all the subordinate ..

chain snatchers

Delhi HC wants stringent punishment for chain snatchers

The Delhi High Court asked the Union Home Ministry what steps it has taken to make provisions for stringent provisions to deal with ..