Amalu Sinoy

Little farmers who made kitchen gardens honoured by Agri Dept

Kumarakom: The Department of Agriculture is encouraging the new generation to love ..

Sweet potato
Plant sweet potato in kitchen garden at right time
Tomato plant
Easy ways to deal with quick wilt disease in tomatoes
Bitterless bitter gourd Kantola to be new trend in kitchen garden
Bok choy

Know about 'bok choy', the new leafy green which is trending

Due to lack of availability, we consume very less quantity of leafy greens than required. Most commonly found leafy green in our place ..

kitchen garden

Amy and her kitchen garden

Plashanal (Kottayam): Amy Thalanani, a class 4 student, is happy for getting a good yield from her farm which she started during the ..

Jinalkumar in his kitchen garden

PT Teacher grows vegetables, banana, poultry in quarters compound in leisure time

Kannur: For the past 4 years, a sports teacher has been cultivating vegetables in the compound of NGO quarters at Thekkiyil here. ..

Sarvasuganthi Allspice

Grow allspice, the spice with unique combination of aroma

Allspice has a unique combination of aroma and taste of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. It is known as 'Sarvasugandhi' in Malayalam ..

Jayalakshmi meeting minister

Class 10 girl gifts agriculture minister organic vegetables produced in her garden

Pandalam (Pathanamthitta): A young farmer visited Minister for Agriculture V S Sunil Kumar carrying a basket full of organic vegetables ..

Araza boi

Grow Araza boi, the fruit that tastes sweet and sour

Araza boi is a type of fruit tree that belong to the family of guava. Native to Brazil, Araza boi grows to the height of about 2 metres ..


Nutrient-rich leafy green for kitchen garden; meet Basella aka Malabar spinach

Basella or Malabar spinach is a leafy green that can be easily grown in the kitchen garden. It does not require much care and maintenance ..


Photographer makes kitchen garden, creates album of his success saga

Thrissur: After giving some rest to his camera during the lockdown, photographer Baburaj Porathissery took a spade in hand. Within ..

Sword Beans

Easy to grow, tasty to eat; plant sword beans in your kitchen garden

A delicious and nutritious vegetable, sword beans, got its name due to its shape like a sword. It is locally known as 'Valamara' ..

Agriculture Success Story

Youth makes kitchen garden in lockdown; proves experiments give better results

Pathanamthitta: A young farmer used his leisure time for farming and proved that agricultural experiments can give better results. ..

brinjal plant

Shaped like tomato, this brinjal can be asset to kitchen garden

Round brinjal is one of the many varieties of brinjal. Shaped more like a tomato, this is called 'Takkali Vazhuthana (tomato brinjal) ..


Heard of 'Kangkong', the powerhouse of nutrients?

Kangkong spinach or water spinach is a rich source of various vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. This leafy green is often unnoticed ..

Doctor's vegetable garden

This doctor is busy treating her vegetable plants during lockdown

Though Dr Maithreyi Raveendran, a leading gynaecologist in Idukki district, is not going to hospital during the COVID lockdown. She ..

Rajasthan long beans

Rajasthan long beans variety flourishes in Kasaragod farmer's garden

Periya (Kasaragod): A different variety of long beans brought from Rajasthan gave stunning yield when it was cultivated here. Organic ..