After 11 years, Mahendrakumar returns to Kerala from Japan jail

Neeleshwaram: Years of long wait for Lakshmiyamma of Madikkai ended on a happy note ..

ഇന്ത്യ-ചൈന സംഘര്‍ഷം: ഇന്ത്യയെ പിന്തുണച്ച് ജപ്പാന്‍  
Japan extends strong support to India on Ladakh
Shinzo Abe
After face-off with India, China now cornered by Japan
Shinzo Abe
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe lifts state of emergency
Diamond Princess cruise ship

Two Indian crew among 174 on board cruise ship off Japanese coast tested positive for coronavirus

Tokyo: Two Indian crew on board a cruise ship off the Japanese coast have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the Indian Embassy ..


Go Matsue, Go Japan

Where would you go to Japan if you had imagined the ancient castle with the waft of ancient mysticism surrounded by the abodes of Samurai ..


Japan marks 73rd anniversary of Hiroshima bombing

Tokyo: Japan on Monday marked the 73rd anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima during the Second World War, with the city's ..


Culture of protest

In an amazing display of goodwill bus drivers of Ryobi group in Okayama, Japan have staged a protest not by striking work but by continuing ..


Indrajith’s Japan trip with surprises

There is a joke that we can find a Nair’s restaurant even on Moon. But proving this joke, actor Indrajith has found a Nair’s ..


When Cherry blooms; A journey enjoying the colours of Japan

We woke up at 3.30 in the morning. At any cost we had to catch the first bus to the airport at 4.30 am. The travel from Tokyo to Narita ..


Bawling babies face off in Japan's 'crying sumo'

Tokyo: More than 100 Japanese babies faced off Sunday in a traditional "crying sumo" ring, an annual ceremony believed to ..


PM Modi leaves for Japan to attend annual bilateral summit

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday left for Japan to participate in the annual bilateral summit in Tokyo. "An ..


Hundreds of flights grounded as typhoon nears Japan

TOKYO: A powerful typhoon was on course for a direct hit on Tokyo on Monday, with nearly 400 flights grounded due to heavy rain and ..


Japan to give Rs.5,479 crore loan for Metro Rail projects

New Delhi: Japan will give development assistance loans worth Rs.5,479 crore for the Chennai and Ahmedabad Metro projects, an official ..


Japan offers India soft loan for $15 bn bullet train

NEW DELHI: Japan has offered to finance India's first bullet train, estimated to cost $15 billion, at an interest rate of less ..


Helicopters pluck residents to safety as rains lash Japan

JOSO: Raging floodwaters broke through an embankment Thursday and swamped a city near Tokyo, washing away houses, forcing dozens of ..


Flesh-eating disease on rise in Japan

Tokyo: The number of patients across Japan who contracted streptococcol toxic-shock syndrome (STSS) -- a deadly condition commonly ..