Top 5 Malayalam Translated Books

Top 5 Malayalam Translated Novels

Here are top 5 Malayalam translated novels that you should consider reading. Keeping ..

m p sadasivan
Completed 107 translations, 13 books; Sadasivan is still busy writing
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Film subtitles enhance visual experience
arun tv
Localisation and the corporate world of translation
Dr. Raichal John

Romanticize, the Deromanticized

Literature classrooms, a coterie of intellectual aesthetic minds where illustrious professors taught with academic brilliance and exquisite ..

J Devika | Photo: Facebook

No language is gender neutral: J Devika

Author and translator Jayakumari Devika has a remarkable presence in Malayalam literature as a writer with a purpose. She has never ..

Fathima EV and cover pages of book she translated

New breed of translators demand respect and recognition : Fathima EV

Fathima E.V is an award-winning translator in Kerala whose works 'Baby Doll', 'A Preface to Man' and 'Delhi: A ..

K satchidandan

Translation is an extension of creative life: Satchidanandan

There are not many poets in Kerala who are of global stature. K Satchidanandan is definitely one of them. The 75-year-old writer's ..

Valson Thampu

Translation is at once an art and a work of genius, says Valson Thampu

Revd. Valson Thampu is an Indian educator, writer, translator and Christian theologian. He translated Sarah Joseph's novel 'Othappu' ..

Rema Menon

A translator removes the boundaries of language : Rema Menon

A literary creation won't penetrate another culture or society unless it is written in a language that is familiar to them. Here ..

Mini Krishnan

Mapping An Ocean of Words: Mini Krishnan

Mini Krishnan has been an eminent figure in the publishing sector for over four decades. She edited translations for Oxford University ..

kv manalikkara

K V Manalikkara: The priest who translated Gorky's 'Mother'

The post-war period of the 50s was a turbulent time that witnessed rapid changes in the way society revolved around values of democracy ..