PrEP pill

This pill may help curb 2.7 lakh HIV cases in India

New Delhi: Paired with a biannual testing programme, a combination drug used to prevent ..

Sexual attitude continues to evolve well into late 20s
Skipping breakfast may increase death risk
Busted: 20 most common myths around sleep

Muscle power likely to help you live longer

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Want to increase your longevity? If yes, then speed up your weight-lifting routine as a new study suggests ..


Whitening products may cause tooth decay

New York: While using teeth-whitening products can make your smile brighter, they might also lead to tooth damage, researchers have ..


Chilli compound slows lung cancer progression

New York: Besides spicing up your food, chilli, it seems, also has some medicinal value. New research suggests the compound responsible ..


Stop smoking cigarettes before they make you blind

New Delhi: Do you smoke cigarettes? Think twice before taking another drag as it may not only damage your heart or lungs but can also ..

blood cells

New wearable device grabs cancer cells from blood

New York: A team of US engineers have developed a prototype wearable device that can continuously collect live cancer cells directly ..


Working in shifts may increase heart disease risks

Beijing: People who work in shifts are at heightened danger of heart disease and the risk increases with years they work in shifts, ..


Many urinal trips in night hints at high BP

Tokyo: If you need to visit urinal frequently in the night, get your blood pressure checked as researchers say it may be a sign of ..

low light

Dim light escalates breast cancer's spread to bones

New York: Exposure to dim light at night may contribute to spreading of breast cancer to bones, researchers have shown in an animal ..

pregnant woman

TB can cause infertility in women, say experts

New Delhi: Tuberculosis (TB) bacterium primarily affects the lungs, but can also spread and cause secondary infections to the uterus ..

orange juice

Drinking orange juice daily may keep strokes at bay

London: Drinking orange juice daily may cut your risk of deadly strokes by almost a quarter, suggests a study. The study, published ..


Brains's sodium level linked to migraine risk

New York: A team of US researchers have found a link between migraines and how sodium is distributed through the brain, a finding that ..

green tea

Green tea helps combat obesity, inflammation

New York: Want to cut that extra flab? Drinking green tea can help reduce obesity as well as inflammation in the gut, finds a study ..


Mid-day nap can lower high BP

London: Want to lower your high blood pressure? Taking a nap during the day may help reduce hypertension levels, besides increasing ..


Passive smoking can raise kidney disease risk

Seoul: Besides affecting your heart and lungs, exposure to second-hand or passive smoking can also raise the chances of chronic kidney ..


Migraine raises risk of dry eyes

New York: Suffering from migraine? You could be at higher odds of having chronic dry eye disease, says a new study. The chronic dry ..


Eating garlic, onions daily may ward off colon cancer risk

Beijing: Consuming 50 grams of allium vegetables, which include garlic, leeks, and onions, daily can potentially reduce the risk of ..

man and dog

Household pollutants cause infertility in both men & dogs

London: Environmental contaminants found in home and diet have the same adverse effects on male fertility both in humans and domestic ..

heart attack

Don't ignore heart attack symptoms while travelling

Tokyo: You should never ignore heart attack symptoms, especially while travelling, as researchers say cardiovascular diseases (CVD) ..


Night shifts can raise risk of early menopause

Toronto: Women who work in night shifts, even occasionally, are at an increased risk of early menopause, which can heighten the possibility ..

mother and child

'Cares' may contribute mothers to inadequate protection in subsequent pregnancies

New York: Mothers whose first child was taken into out-of-home care were found to have inadequate or no prenatal care during subsequent ..

vitamin d

Vitamin D levels can now be measured with your hair

London: Researchers have found that vitamin D can now be measured by human hair, paving the way for improved diagnosis of deficiency ..

diet drink

Diet drinks may up strokes in postmenopausal women

New York: Are diet drinks your choice? Beware, your heart could be at risk. A new study suggests that drinking diet drinks was associated ..


Your genes may determine how marriage will fare

New York: Do you think you could lead a happy married life? The answer is in your genes, a new study has said. Although prior research ..


World Cancer Day: Cancer genetics - Beyond hereditary cancer

The gene is a unit of inheritance of our DNA that determines our characteristics including physical, behavioural and clinical and the ..

fat belly

Exercise best defence against deep abdominal belly fat

New York: Exercise can help you in the fight against internal, visceral fat that you cannot see or feel, but can lead to insulin resistance, ..


Excess use of toothpaste by kids leads to tooth decay

New York: Many young kids who use toothpaste more than needed are at an increased risk of dental fluorosis when they get older, warns ..


Vitamin D intake could lower diabetes risk

New York: While Vitamin D helps in promoting bone health, a new study suggests that it may also promote greater insulin sensitivity, ..


Poor sleep may up Alzheimer's in elderly

New York: Poor sleep among older adults has been associated with Alzheimer's, suggesting that good sleep habits may help preserve ..


H1N1 threat prevails: 77 patients seek medical help

Palakkad: The number of persons affected with H1N1 fever has not decreased so far. A total of 77 persons were confirmed with H1N1 in ..


Protect yourself from 'unforeseen' contaminants

The year has just begun, and its a good time to take a more diligent approach to your everyday hygiene. Consider your average day: ..

Social media

These negative social media behaviours are linked to depression

New York: While scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, did you ever feel that everyone else is living their life better than you? ..


Why your computer can cause neck pain?

New York: Do you tend to suffer from headaches or neck and backaches from computer work? If so, checking your posture may help, researchers ..


5-10 servings of fruits, veggies daily may cut diabetes risk

New York: Want to restore the level of antioxidants -- key to ward off heart disease and Type-2 diabetes -- that you lost due to high ..

man and woman

Know why women tend to outlive men

New York: Scientists have long wondered why women outlive men globally. Now, they have found that the secret may lie in the second ..


Tooth loss in post-menopausal women linked to hypertension

Postmenopausal women experiencing tooth loss could be at higher risk of developing high blood pressure - a key risk factor for heart ..


Eight-hour sleep may boost academic performance

New York: Worried that your son or daughter sleep more even during final exams week? If so, take heart. According to a study, students ..

dried fruit

Dried fruits, health bars: Best choice to stay healthy

As healthy living has become a catchword these days, people have taken to eating dried fruits and health bars. Experts say these can ..


Herbal tips for healthy, beautiful eyes

Eyes are the most beautiful part of a human body. Many diseases can be predicted by observing the discoloration of the eyes. In order ..


Good news for peanut lovers! New treatment found for peanut allergy

In a first, an oral immunotherapy drug derived from peanut protein could help build tolerance and eliminate potentially deadly reactions ..

know about lupus disease

Ladies, beware of lupus disease that claimed the life of TV anchor Durga Menon

Usually unknown diseases become famous when they affect celebrities. With the unexpected death of television anchor Durga Menon recently, ..


Long term exposure to honking traffic can make you obese!

Are you obese or overweight? Blame long term exposure to blaring horns and other noise from road traffic, said researchers. The study ..


Drumstick based home remedies for overall health

Drumstick tree or moringa tree is a medium sized tree commonly found in Kerala. All parts of the tree are useful for treating various ..


Eat veggies, fish to ward away heart disease

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, consuming fish, seafood and a primarily vegetarian diet may help reduce hypertension-related ..


Eating fish reduces childhood asthma: Study

Canberra: Eating fish like salmon, trout and sardines can significantly reduce asthma symptoms in children, a study led by Australian ..


New 'bandage' contact lens aims to boost corneal treatment

Sydney: Australian researchers have developed a new therapeutic contact lens that acts as a bandage for eye surface injuries, an advance ..


Vegan diet linked to reduced Type-2 diabetes risk: Study

A vegan diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and seeds, with few animal products, is linked to a significantly lower risk ..

cottage cheese

Cottage cheese as late night snack can boost health

Guilty about your late night snacking habit that leads to weight gain? Switching to a protein-filled snack like cottage cheese can ..


Eating spinach, beetroot could help prevent vision loss

Sydney: Eating vegetable nitrates, found mainly in green leafy vegetables and beetroot, could prevent macular degeneration, a common ..

keto diet

Ketogenic diet prevents cognitive decline: Study

New York: Consuming a ketogenic diet - high levels of fat and low levels of carbohydrate - can help prevent cognitive decline, according ..


Avoid fried food, smoking, alcohol to prevent acidity

Amidst the hectic schedule of day-to-day life, we often neglect common digestive problems such as acidity. Considering these digestive ..


West Nile, Zika virus can lead to gut problems: Study

New York: Viruses such as West Nile and Zika that target the nervous system in the brain and spinal cord also can disrupting bowel ..


A glass of wine a day may advance your death

Want to live long? Ditch that daily glass of wine as it can increase your chance of an early death by 20 per cent, say researchers ..


Brain marker behind aggression in some toddlers identified

If your toddler gets impulsive often while playing with other kids, do not give him or her a rough look as scientists now report a ..


Here's a tip to lose weight; eat high-carb diet

Struggling hard to shed those extra kilos? If so, foods high in carbohydrates - found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes ..


Lack of hygiene among contact lens wearers may cause infection

London: Owing to poor hygiene, contact lens wearers in the UK are more at risk of developing a rare but preventable eye infection that ..


Novel device to improve diagnosis of dizziness

London: Researchers have developed a new vibrating device using bone conduction technology, that can identify the causes of dizziness ..

pregnant woman

Know the truths behind myths about pregnancy

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in a woman's life and also inhibitions around myths related to delivery day. Experts debunk many ..


Communication with parents boosts child's brain development

New York: Good communication with parents promotes in a child the development of a brain network involved in the processing of rewards ..


90% of world's population breathes badly polluted air: WHO

Geneva: Nine out of every 10 people on the planet breathe air that contains high levels of pollutants and kills seven million people ..


Can mangoes make you fat?

New Delhi: Summers are the bearer of the sweet aroma of memories of vacations, lazy afternoons and mangoes. This fruit is loved by ..

Pariyaram medical college

Govt takes over Pariyaram Medical College

Thiruvananthapuram: The state government has taken over Pariyaram cooperative medical college on Tuesday. The cabinet has approved ..


Beware! Frequent dining out can harm your health

New York: Next time you order a sandwich from your favourite fast food joint or plan a dinner with your friends at a nearby restaurant, ..

skin disease

Signs you need to consult dermatologists

New Delhi: Your skin is the mirror of your internal health. Very often a lot of things are going on in various parts of the body, which ..


Case of ankylosing spondylitis comes up for discussion in Kerala assembly

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Assembly was informed on Wednesday that five lakh people suffer from ankylosing spondylitis (AS) in the ..


Keep stomach calm with ginger, fennel seeds

New Delhi: Eating out and binging on fast food is a common problem, which may upset bowel movements. Keep your digestive system ..


Sleeping less than 8 hours a night can lead to depression

New York: Are you in the habit sleeping less than eight hours a night? Beware, you may be at risk of suffering from depression and ..


Eating apples, tomatoes may heal lungs of ex-smokers

New York: Feeling worried over the lung damage caused by smoking? Take heart, eating more than two tomatoes or more than three portions ..


After Dengue, alert against tick fever in Kerala

Palakkad: After Dengue fever, sources reveal that Kerala is facing a threat of Tick fever (scrub typhus) or called Chellu pani locally, ..


Average life expectancy: 75 yrs for Malayalees, 62 yrs for doctors in Kerala

Kozhikode: The Indian Medical Association in a recent study reported that the average life expectancy of doctors in Kerala is less ..


Govt to launch 48-hour free medical care to accident victims

Thiruvananthapuram: The State government has decided to provide free medical care to accident victims for the first 48 hours after ..


Abhay suffers from Muscular Dystrophy, research on to find medicine

Thrissur: Abhay, an 18-year boy only, has a body weight of 20 kilos. Muscular dystrophy has made muscle degeneration and his skin is ..


Govt to launch State Antibiotic policy in Jan 2018

The state government has decided to implement Antibiotic Policy of Kerala in January 2018. The decision was taken on account of the ..



Neyyappam is a popular snack in Kerala prepared from rice, jaggery and ghee. Easy to make Neyyappam is crispiness and softness mixed ..


Bill to check Clinical Establishments in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: A bill to regulate the functioning of clinical establishments, including in hospitals, was introduced in the Kerala ..


'Eye make-up causing vision problems in young women'

New Delhi: Meibomian gland dysfunction -- also known as dry eye syndrome -- is on the rise among women due to excess make-up of the ..


Eating less salt may not lower your BP, says study

New York: Contrary to popular belief, consuming less sodium may not lead to lower blood pressure in the long term, show results of ..


How to offer healthy diet to children

New Delhi: Pile on nutrition on your childs plate and make it look yummy yet healthy, say experts. Sujetha Shetty, nutritionist and ..

Google glass

Google Glass is helping scientists to study brain disease

Moscow: Using Google Glass, Siberian scientists are developing a prototype of a model to study an individual's proneness to ..

green tea

Green tea may ease kidney damage caused by cancer drug: AIIMS study

New Delhi: Green tea is effective in reducing the kidney toxicity and damage caused by cisplatin -- an anti-cancer drug, the AIIMS ..


Beat obesity with these 4 yoga poses

The term 'obese' describes a person who's very overweight as classified by the body mass index (BMI) method. Obesity can ..

Kozhikode Medical College

Limitations aplenty at Kozhikode Medical College

Kozhikode: A patient who is critical, is lying on a mat in one of the narrow paths of the Medical College. A doctor squats and examines ..


Brinjal chudu curry

Ingredients 1. Brinjal-3 2. Curry leaves- 1 petal 3. Coconut oil- 3 tablespoons 4. Pappadam-4 5. Shallot-8 6. Red chillies-10 ..


Artificial sweetener sucralose not linked to cancer: Study

London: Allaying fears about consuming sucralose, a calorie-free artificial sweetener which is used in a broad range of low-calorie ..

dal biryani

Dal Biryani

Ingredients 1. Daal- 3/4 cup 2.Biriyani rice- 2 cups 3.Ghee- 5 tablespoons 4.Onion-4 5.Tomato(chopped)- 2 6.Red chilli-7 7.Coriander-3 ..

Banana buns

Banana bun

Ingredients 1. Banana- 3 Nos 2. Curd- 2 tablespoon 3.Oil- 3 tablespoon 4. Sugar (Powder)- 1/2 cup 5.Soda powder 6. Maida- To ..


Estrogen levels drop rapidly in women with migraine

New York: For women with a history of migraine, estrogen levels are likely to drop more rapidly in the days just before menstruation ..


What the heartbeat tells about your health

London: Minor irregularities in the heartbeat are indicative of a healthy body, scientists said at Technical University of Munich. ..


When it comes to sexuality, women are more flexible!

London: If you are a girl and like to have sex with your male partner one day and a female pal the next, you may not be alone. A new ..


Depressed parents can turn kids into troublemakers

New York: Are you suffering from depression? If yes, then your teenage kid may be prone to higher risk-taking and rule-breaking behaviour ..

black coffee

Black coffee daily can cut liver disease risk: Experts

New Delhi: If you are a coffee lover, here is another reason to go for an extra cup. According to health experts, two-three cups of ..


Beware! Loneliness can lead to stroke

New York: Many of us feel lonely at certain times but loneliness and social isolation for a longer period of time may lead to increased ..

Chicken Semiya Lollipop

Chicken semiya lollipop

Ingredients For marinade Chicken wings- 10 Onion paste- 3-4 tsp Ginger paste- 1/2 tsp Garlic paste- 1/2 tsp White pepper powder- ..


Travel more to ramp up your sex life

London: A recent study in Britain suggests that travelling could actually improve your health, help to lose weight, gain confidence, ..


Talk to your kids and watch them eat, exercise well

London: An effective family-based counselling on lifestyle can help your growing kid increase physical activity and eat a well-balanced ..