SC deplores a sexual harassment complaint against judicial officer

It has now become a trend to file sexual harassment cases against judicial officers ..

covid delhi
SC asks Delhi to be more vigilant in treating COVID patients
How can Covid patients be treated in hospitals that look like a dungeon, asks Gujarat HC
Children of young age requires mother’s love and affection, HC observes
Woman assaulted

Top cop forcefully hugs lady IPS officer; HC directs govt to take stern action

A top police officer in Chennai proved to be a perpetual nuisance to one of the lady IPS officers here. He forcefully hugged the woman ..


Death penalty only in rarest of rare cases: asserts SC

Many times we have said that death penalty be given only in rarest of rare cases. That being the position, why should courts deviate ..


Potholes are killers, states ignore safety of travellers: SC

The Supreme Court took seriously the callous attitude of states in not repairing and maintaining roads which sound a death knell for ..

Brown bears

The brown bears' salmon hunt

The massive brown bears are voracious eaters of salmon fishes. At times, the bears hunt them and at times the fish jumps to fall right ..


Ridiculing husband amounts to cruelty, a cause for divorce: HC

Ridiculing the husband before friends and relatives and challenging his dignity amounts to cruelty that is a cause for divorce, the ..


How can rape occur if they live together for quite some time? Asks HC

Submission of a woman to her lover to have physical relationship or any relationship between two persons who have become majors on ..

family court

SC flays cryptic judgments given by lower courts

Time and again we have called upon the High Court and other courts to give reasoned judgments by narration of facts thorough examination ..


A film also has freedom of speech that cannot be crucified : SC

A court of law trying a criminal case is not to be influenced by a film but makes a verdict based upon evidences, documents and facts ..


Excise officer tenders apology for misusing power

For gross misuse of power, an excise officer from Kerala had to tender an unconditional apology before the High Court. The Court gave ..

Supreme Court

Public property protection: Make the law effective soon, rules SC

When political party workers agitate and destroy or cause damage to public property, the leaders or office bearers who made the call ..

River pollution

River pollution, an offence that can attract jail term, penalty

Polluter has to pay - that is the new legal principle throughout the world. Recently, for polluting river Yamuna, a sweets merchant ..


HC grants man divorce, says wife played drama

When there was ample evidence before the Family Court, it should have concluded that the wife was so cruel to the husband and should ..


Reckless allegations amount to cruelty; A ground for divorce: SC

The Supreme Court took a stern stand against a woman who raised totally baseless and reckless allegations against her husband and ruled; ..

acid attack

HC’s misplaced sympathy is shocking: SC

Why should the High Court show misplaced sympathy to a hardcore criminal? Such sympathy is very shocking and we have no hesitation ..