Smartphone worth Rs 50,000 falls into pond, Fire Force rushes to help owner

Smartphone worth Rs 50,000 falls into pond, fire force called in to help

Malappuram: Fire Force officials helped a Malappuram native to search and find his ..

Man on teak tree
Man gets stuck on 70-ft-tall teak tree for 2.5 hrs; rescued later by fire force
Fire Force
Fire engines used for sanitizing works are now dysfunctional
Cat trapped on top of Kochi metro pillar for six days saved
Fire force rescue finger trapped in idli maker

3-yr-old’s finger trapped in Idli plate; Fireforce comes to rescue

Vaikom (Kottayam): A three-year-old girl’s finger got trapped inside the hole of a Idli plate. Fire and Rescue personnel released ..

baby goat

Baby goat trapped between concrete rings of well, rescued after 17 hours

Nilambur: A baby goat that got trapped between the concrete rings of a well for more than 17 hours was finally rescued after one-hour ..

fire force

Students play trick on Fire force to reach home

Kannur: When an unexpected holiday was declared for educational institutions in flood affected areas in Kannur, a group of girl students ..


Teacher gets stuck in elevator for half an hour

Thodupuzha: A teacher who was on his way to tuition centre got stuck inside an elevator for half an hour on Saturday morning. Anchiri ..

kottathalachi hills fire

Fire at Kottathalachi Hills; 30-acre grasslands destroyed

Cherupuzha: A fire broke out on the grassland on top of the Kottathalachi Hills, which is an ecologically sensitive zone (ESZ). The ..

fire force

Fire breaks out at Calicut Nursing Home

Kozhikode: A fire broke out at Calicut Nursing Home near the second railway gate in Kozhikode at around 9 am on Thursday. Two units ..

suicide attempt

Man raises suicide threat by descending into well with 3-year-old

Atttingal: A man who raised a suicide threat by descending into the well on their courtyard with his 3-year-old daughter was rescued ..