Horse Racing

Animal racing: The reality behind the spectacle

If there are two prominent genes wired into the human body, it is their love for ..

Camel milk
Drink Camel milk for controlling diabetes
Animal victims
Honouring animal victims through legislation
Peocock feathers
Why Jains oppose ban on use of peacock feathers?

The menace of insect smuggling

There is a type of “tourist” who comes to India to steal our treasures. Not the same one who takes away old statues from ..


Mosquito matters

When you spend a weekend watching Hollywood horror movies based on mosquitoes – ‘Mosquito Man’, ‘Skeeter’, ..

Pink ribbon

Diet and breast cancer

My mother died of breast cancer. I have had many violent deaths in my family and each one has been gut wrenching. Nothing is as bad ..

meat processing

Take what the world offers freely and naturally

Sikhs for some strange reason pride themselves on their meat eating habits. According to them carnivorism is allowed by the religion ..


A few tricks to keep animals out of your farm…

I have a vegetable garden. The monkeys take my brinjals, the parakeets take the chillies, the moles take the cauliflower, leaf curl ..


Ants - super pest controllers

Sooner or later the world is going to have to stop using chemical pesticides. The statistics in India WHO says cancer shows an increase ..

Traditional India

The vast pool of traditional knowledge rural India has to offer

Every few years, I write about the amazing innovations across India sourced by Prof Anil Gupta and his team in Sristhi. Poor people ..


How safe is the milk you consume?

Last month a municipal gaushala in Patiala fed its cows the normal green fodder. 39 died within a few hours. A mob gathered and the ..


How smarter are the dogs?

Thousands of animals were killed at a food festival in China. It outraged the world, even those people that eat every other animal ..


How camels keep our borders safe...

In 1965 after the first Indo Pakistan war, when the Pakistan Army ingressed through the Rann of Kutch, the Indian Government decided ..


The hardest working members of animal kingdom

While humans get a choice, of having to work hard or not, to survive, most animals have no option but to toil if they are to survive ..

Animals helping each other

Are humans really altruistic? Well, animals are

Do animals help each other? Do they empathise with those in trouble? When rats are abandoning the sinking ship, will they help their ..


Change the world for the good by making travel choices

Many years ago, the Jain and Gujarati community in Mumbai controlled the stock market to a large extent. They entered into an informal ..


Must you drink milk?

Milk is about 85% water. The remaining 15% is milk sugar lactose, protein, fat and mineral. The difference between A1 and A2 protein ..