Egg yolk

Colour of egg yolk is a matter of concern

Over the years we have been conditioned to like certain things and dislike others ..

broiler chicken
Why are broiler chickens lame?
Mock Viper
Meet the ‘mimicry artists’ in nature
Good parenting and eating habits

Cattle feed contamination can be tragic

Some years ago an NGO was asked by the state government to run a gaushala in Patiala. They did, on condition that the food would be ..


How nature designs eyes

Nature has a reason for everything. A creature's environment plays the main part in deciding how its eyes develop and function ..


How moon transforms life on earth

The silver yellow full moon lights up the sky and makes me instantly happy. We have forgotten how the moon can change the landscape, ..


Health risks of eating seafood

Health and fitness advisors often emphasise on seafood for muscles, high protein, weight loss etc. Few of them have studied the immense ..

vegan diet

Be political when you choose to be vegan

Veganism must become a political movement. At the moment it is nowhere near that, anywhere in the world. And the fault lies with vegans ..


Know this before you eat tuna next time

Yellow fin tuna products sold in the U.S. are being recalled, through an order by the Food and Drug Administration, because they can ..


Veganism is not about buying ‘something else’

A few months ago a Vegan fest was held in Delhi. It was attended by hundreds of young, affluent, well read and enthusiastic people ..


Dolphins and whales are key to survival on earth

I have just returned from an amazing assembly of a 100 very special people with visionary ideas, inventions and research who gathered ..

animal cruelty

Judges be aware of animal cruelty

Some of our judges are now beginning to understand what animal cruelty does to a nation and act on it. Acting Chief Justice of Punjab ..

BSP elephant symbol

When animals are made election symbols

Many years ago, when T.N. Seshan was Election Commissioner, Dr. Jayalalithaa’s party had a rooster (cock) as a symbol. During ..

bird eye

Strangest eyes in nature

Imagine if your nose were to be on top of your head, eyes on your stomach and a mouth on your feet. I’m sure that such an animal ..

Candida auris

Threat of multidrug resistant fungi

Candida auris is a dangerous fungal infection that emerged in 2009 in Japan and has now spread round the world, especially in hospitals ..


Living in group makes sense for animals too

Ants and bees have become paragons of a system that’s coordinated but without central control. Intelligence does not belong to ..


Plants have same senses and intelligence as humans

One day we will know for sure that all the trees we killed and the grass we pulled out, all the plants we mutilate and the flowers ..


Animals do vote, booze, eavesdrop on conversations like humans

Are we the only ones who vote, drink, sleep around, eavesdrop on conversations? Every animal does the same thing. So, why not see the ..

bonsai tree

Thou shalt not cause pain to animals

There are many things we do without thinking and, in the process, we cause great pain. In my universe, the Ten Commandments have no ..


Start feeding crows to stop them disappearing from world

Back to one of my favourite subjects: crows. They are slowly disappearing so please save them now. Give them shelled peanuts, rice, ..


Would you want to get addicted to the cocktail of drugs in meat?

Some time ago I wrote an article about the cocktail of drugs in meat in India. One of the drugs that I mentioned was Ractopamine. ..

woman and dog

Are there similarities between humans and other species?

Are all beings the same? Yes, the human, the hammerhead worm, oyster, chicken and the shark: all of us have the same emotions, fears, ..

Mesodinium chamaeleon

This living organism is both animal and plant

Mesodinium chamaeleon, a strange green creature found in Denmark that lives at the bottom of the sea, is causing researchers to rethink ..


Crows are so smart, sophisticated and family minded

A few days ago I was on my early morning walk when a crow sitting on my gate started cawing to me. He was very agitated and I stood ..


Soon, mosquitoes will be the deadliest animals in world

Do people really understand climate change and global warming? A few days of unseasonal chill brings back the sceptic in everyone – ..

girl with a pet

Health benefits of having pet animals at home

I meet so many mothers who won’t let their children walk barefoot in the house or the park, won’t let them touch snails, ..


Strange jobs that involve wild animals

"Mama, what does Papa do in office?" "He scares monkeys, darling." What are the strangest jobs that involve wild ..


How deadly is balloon for ocean wildlife?

My mind and body have instinctively always had the right feelings towards things that are harmful for the planet – it is almost ..


Too much cholesterol can damage your arteries, ups the risk of heart disease

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance in the body. It is produced by your body (75% by your liver). The rest comes from the food you ..


All you need to know about the eggs you buy from market!

Eggs have always been considered to be a standard safe food. Few people realise that every egg is different, and some may not be fit ..

Foie Gras

Foie Gras, the French dish made with extreme cruelty to ducks

Many years ago, I asked a stylish, older, film actress from Mumbai whether she would be the ambassador of my animal welfare organization ..


Ants are really much better than humans?

What is the difference between you and an ant? From war making to making slaves, from inventing medicines to farming, they do it much ..


Some lesser known fact about insects killed by pesticides

There are no pests, no weeds, in nature. There are beings who get in the way of humans growing food, or destroying the habitat in order ..


Once, India worshipped and respected animals

India was not always this cruel. Inspite of the culture of animal sacrifice and ritual hunts by tribals, it was, by and large, a peaceful ..


Eating chicken means eating arsenic

“We have guests for dinner. Wife, please make them delicious chicken curry with arsenic in it. No? Then let’s take them ..


Major discoveries made without animal experimentation

Claudius Galenus, known as Galen, was a Greek physician/surgeon in the Roman empire who was physician to several Roman emperors. He, ..


Ways to improve the lives of animals

Every country is replete with innovations in policy: things that make life better for everyone. If we had a team in Niti Ayog, whose ..


The problem with factory farm system

California has a very interesting political system. This allows organisations and individuals to bypass politicians and put potential ..

Water conservation

Eating less meat could help save water

In India, there is a term in the Irrigation Department known as "dark area". This means a place where there is no point putting ..

Fur boots

Ethics of using fur

Last year I went to the house of the head of a group of Jains in Nagpur. Along the way I was told how religious his family was, how ..

Organic Farming

Importance of organic farming

Organic farming for me is as important as animal welfare. Both save thousands of species and make the world a better place for humans ..

Fish market

Should people stop eating fish?

I’ve heard many people suggest that fish is much healthier than red meat and chicken. Non-vegetarians are encouraged to make ..


Animal-to-human organ transplants

A hundred years from now, if scientists have their way, many humans will be partly pig and baboon. I mean really, not metaphorically ..


Arguments against experimenting on dogs

For years the scientific community has been talking about the uselessness of experimenting on dogs. According to most scientists and ..


Animals in Mythology

In the ancient world, humans were not just close to animals but, in most cases, deeply dependent on them. Since they were part of the ..

Elkhorn coral

Organisms that defy categories

Life is so complex. We think of all beings as animals or plants and this means a lot when you are vegetarian and determined not to ..


Pesticide menace: Are eggs safe to eat?

All over Europe eggs have been found to be contaminated by a dangerous pesticide called Fipronil. The eggs originated from poultry ..