Seed sowing in milk packet

School kids turn discarded milk packets into grow bags for sowing seeds

Cherai (Ernakulam): A group of school students set a model for the society by planting ..

Try a mini pineapple plant for indoor-outdoor gardens
Rubber farmers switch to papaya tapping for better earnings
snake plant
Heard of ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’? It can give you fresh air

Hot and spicy 'Kanthari' chilli – A must item in kitchen garden

Bird’s eye chilli or Kanthari Mulaku is an essential item for the vegetable garden of Malayalis. If one or two chilli plants ..

EP Jayarajan

E. P. Jayarajan’s kitchen garden rich in organic vegetables

Pappinisseri (Kannur): Minister for Industries E. P. Jayarajan changes his working arena to agriculture once he reaches home. His residence ..


Have you heard of noni fruit? It fights cancer, diabetes

Noni is a fruit bearing tree popular for its medicinal properties. It is also known as Indian Mulberry, beach mulberry and cheese fruit ..

Winged bean

Know about 'Chathura Payar' which is the best of legumes?

Winged bean, which is locally known as ‘Chathura Payar’, is one of the legumes that contains the highest quantity of protein ..


Fields face 'Pattala Puzhu' attack; farmers helpless

Malappuram: Farmers are facing a major setback post-floods. The wide insect attack in farm lands have put the farmers in difficult ..


Know about Kohlrabi, the veggie with edible stem

Has anybody heard of a strange plant that looks like cabbage when planted, grows like cauliflower, enlarges its stem like a pineapple ..


Violet iris - The queen of gardens

Violet iris is an attractive flowering plant widely cultivated in states like Meghalaya, Assam, Manipur, Himachal Pradesh and Tripura ..


Arikkode farmers know soil best for tuber crops, reap success

Mathrubhumi News Video Ottapalam: A group of farmers in Arikkode near Thrithala in Palakkad have chosen a different path in ..

Inca peanut

Looks like star, tastes like peanut; Inca peanut is on trend

Inca peanut is a vine that has star-shaped berries on it. The plant is gaining popularity in Kerala due to benefits of its nut. Inca ..


Giant cucumber weighing 7.5 kg harvested in Kadalundi

Kadalundi: A giant cucumber that has a length of 24 inches and weighing 7.5 kg was harvested from a farm in Kadalundi. The giant ..

Solar light trap

Farmers approve of solar light trap for low-cost, eco-friendly pest control

Chittoor: A solar powered light trap has come to the rescue of farmers who have been searching for an easy and safe method to get rid ..


Veg farm in 10-cent courtyard; class 6 student becomes trailblazer

Mukkam: A class 6 student blaze a trail for everyone, by cultivating vegetables and fruits in a 10-cent plot. Thottathinkadavu native ..

Guinea pigs

Peruvian, Silkie, Guinea...In Kerala you can find them

Chittur: Peruvian, Silkie, Guinea, American and 14 such different varieties of guinea pigs are grown in the farm owned by Menonpara ..


How to harvest ‘small yams’ for small families

The ‘big vegetables’ like elephant foot yam, purple yam, snake gourd and pumpkin, ash gourd and the like are the favourite ..

wax plant

Wax plants are the latest gardening fad

A new variety of flowering plant has become the centre of attraction of house gardens recently. These flowers bloom in clusters and ..


Brinjal: The low-cost, easy-to-grow crop for all climates

Brinjal is a vegetable that is available in a variety of colors and shapes. Its biggest advantage is that it can be cultivated in all ..

Paddy Art

Paddy art in the shape of ‘India’ pulls crowd to Nambikolli

Sultan Bathery: A map of India created in the paddy field is attracting attention. Bathery Nambikolli Thayyil Praseed Kumar has made ..


Helping hand from Mammootty, tribal people get farming equipment

Moolamattam: Actor Mammootty lent a helping hand to the tribal people at Kundala Muthuvakkudy, by providing agricultural equipment ..


Quinoa – The healthy cereal with multiple benefits

An average Malayali's daily diet includes rice, that too three times a day. This occassional intake of rice makes us at high risk ..

Krishna Prasad

This versatile actor is a State award winning farmer too

Actor Niranath Makayiram Krishna Prasad has proven his talent in not only as an actor, but also as a farmer. Presently a member of ..

long beans

8th std boy harvests 800 kg long beans from 10-cent land

Abhilal, a student of 8th standard, finds his pocket money by farming with his father. He is the son of Perinthalmanna Pulamanthol ..

Kunjiraman and Pushpa

Tribal couple turns arid hills into lush green farms; success saga from leased land

Vellamunda: Kunjiraman and Pushpa, the tribal couple hailing from Edachery in Thondarnadu set a model for the new generation farmers ..


Aspirin in farming is no joke, but business

Not many of us might have heard of the connection between aspirin and farming. But actually they have some links. Aspirin’s ..

baby diaper

Baby diaper and farming – a combo that sounds weird, but works wonders

What is the connection between baby diaper and farming? Have you ever thought of it? It may sound unbelievable, but the truth is that ..

ash gourd

Scripting success story in ash gourd cultivation

If asked, Balachandran Nair of Naruvamoodu in Thiruvanathapuram would say papaya, elephant foot yam and ash gourd are the best combination ..


Kudumbasree reaps success in tapioca farming

Karukachal: The Haritasree members of Aishwarya Kudumbasree in 4th ward of Karuchal panchayat have scripted a success saga in tapioca ..


Ashraya Centre has organic, cattle, rabbit farming

Kottarakara: The Ashraya Centre at Kalayapuram here is not only active in providing shelter to hundreds of homeless persons but also ..

snake gourd

Vayalar farmer's 7-ft-long snake gourd a crowd-puller

Vayalar: Nature lovers are flocking the vegetable garden of N A Krishnan of Thokilukad near Vayalar to have a glimpse of the seven-feet-long ..

paddy farm

Morocco returnee yields gold in his new farm

Panthalam: After 18 years of expatriate life in Morcco, K B Manoj returned home with his lifetime savings. Unlike the many who shove ..

Tomy in his farm

Amid setbacks, this farmer still rests his hope in farming

Malappuram: Though what this family gets from farming is only loss, Tomy and his family have not lost faith in farming. The fall in ..


Dasan reaps a rich papaya harvest

Kannur: Anybody who visits the farm of Dasan at Nadammal Vayalil will be struck with awe on seeing around hundred papaya plants with ..


Tapioca in jeans, sweet potato in pockets; a novel faming method by young Thillankeri-native

Thillankeri: Ever wondered how you are going to get rid of all that old, torn, stingy jeans that once ruled your wardrobe? K M Shimjith, ..


This engineering college teacher is reaping rich dividends from farming

Kuttikanam native Linu Peter is not only a teacher at an Engineering college but also a young farmer who is into farming of birds and ..


Keralites' new flavour, microgreens; how to grow?

Microgreens are new flavour trend of Keralites who are fond of trying out almost all dishes across the globe. Some of the most common ..


Shradha bags best child farmer award

Thopramkudy (Idukki): Shradha Mariya Saji, who had bagged the Mathrubhumi’s Gem of Seed award, has now received the state agiruculture ..


Retired Malappuram natives script success with purple passion fruits

Thenhipalam: Two friends from Thiruthi in Malappuram district have tasted success by cultivating purple passion fruits in their 25 ..

Sweet leaf

Chekkurmanis - easy to grow, rich in nutrients

Sweet leaf, also known as chekkurmanis, is suitable to be grown in Kerala's climate. These nutrient-rich leaves contain carbohydrates, ..


Which are good cashew varieties?

Cashew is the best crop that could be cultivated in barren lands to conserve soil. Good quality grafted seedlings are available in ..


Ornamental plants: How to grow gladiolus

Gladiolus, belonging to Iridaceae family, is a popular one among ornamental plants. They are mainly used for decorating houses. Gladiolus, ..


What to grow on one cent: experiments of a young farmer

Upputhara: A young farmer is bringing a revolution in farming through experiments which have surprised even experts. Jayanendran, 41, ..


Grow avocado trees, reap the benefits

The climate in Kerala suits avocado (butter fruit) trees, as they grow well here and give good yields. The fruit, that appears and ..

V S Sunilkumar

Kanthalloor will be made agri hub of Kerala: minister

Marayur: Agriculture Minister V S Sunilkumar has announced that Kanthalloor will be made the agricultural hub of the state. He promised ..


How to take care of rose plants

Rose is the queen of flowers. Every garden has rose plants and there are many different varieties of flowers. They are seen in almost ..


Father-daughter duo reaps a rich rambutan bounty

Pattambi: Mani and his eight-year-old daughter Ardra are reaping success with rambutan farming. Of the 10 rambutan plants they planted ..


This time, Kanthalloor farmers prefer garlic to vegetables

Marayur: The farmers in Kanthalloor have this time taken up garlic farming instead of vegetables. They have switched to garlic owing ..

Water leaf

Don't consider 'parippu cheera' as useless

Water leaf, called 'sambar cheera' or 'parippu cheera' in Malayalam, is found in Kerala in abundance. Belonging to ..


Keep plants cool with mist irrigation system

Just as the name suggests, mist irrigation is the system of spraying water on plants. While the water reaches only the root of the ..

Anju Thomas

Young farmer wishes to become agriculture officer

Panikkankudi (Idukki): Anju Thomas became a fan of farming at a very young age, when she was a fifth standard student. While studying ..


NRI turns ace farmer

Panthalam: After 36 years of expatriate life, Praskash Komalath returned to his homeland to rekindle a lost love ­ agriculture ..


Easy-to-make homemade organic pesticides for your garden

Everyday, we bring home vegetables and fruits soaked up in dangerous pesticides and other chemicals which completely destroys our health ..


Farming brought this NRI back to life, after two major surgeries

Haripad: Shaji is into various vocations – he rears fish, poultry, cattle, goat while growing green fodder for cattle, vegetables, ..


Young farmer utilises organic waste to reap rich harvest

Cherthala: Sujith Swaminikarthil, a young farmer of Kanhikkuzhi has reaped rich benefits in his "Njali" plantain cultivation ..


Chingam gives no hope for Wayanad farmers

Kalpetta: Chingam is here again, reminding us of the good old days of farming. Wayanad, however, no longer waits excitedly for Chingam ..