5-10 servings of fruits, veggies daily may cut diabetes risk

New York: Want to restore the level of antioxidants -- key to ward off heart disease ..

Eat rye, oats, or wheat daily to ward off diabetes risk
Keto diet
Ketogenic diet may up Type-2 diabetes risk: Study
Working woman
Long work hours may hike women's diabetes risk by 70%

Insulin pump fixed on body, Sunu keeps rhythm on stage

Panthalam: Sunu has the insulin pump pinned to her stomach all the time, even when she dances on the stage. Despite the pain of needle ..


World Diabetes Day: Emphasise on healthy eating and exercise

I know diabetes for a long time. As early as in 1963 it had placed its footprint in our family and played havoc as my aunt was diagnosed ..


Diabetes turns villain for Unnikrishnan: Help needed

Puthur (Kollam): Unnikrishna Pilla’s life story depicts the dismayed picture of a family of three whose dreams have been shattered ..


Yoga for diabetes: Try these asanas

Diabetes, broadly separated into Type 1 (Insulin dependent and mainly congenital) and Type 2 (Non insulin dependent and mainly lifestyle ..

Diabetes Day

Lack of sleep causes diabetes: Experts

New Delhi: Staying up late and not getting six hours of sleep puts one at high risk of becoming a Type-II diabetic, a disease once ..

Avoid diabetes

New test to measure if a person is pre-diabetic

New York: Researchers have discovered a panel of unsaturated fatty acid markers in blood that could lead to a simple test to warn people ..