Being workaholic may increase depression, anxiety risk

Moscow:If you are a workaholic, then there are chances you may suffer negative mental ..

 Bay of Bengal
Depression intensifies; heavy rain likely in south Kerala, cyclone threat exists
child suicides
Study shows 150 child suicides in Kerala during lockdown
Sometimes our mind needs care, Rajisha Vijayan appeals for treatment of depression

Deep depression in Arabian sea; heavy rains to lash Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: A depression that formed in the Arabian sea in Lakshadweep–Maldives-Comorin region has intensified into a ..


Deep depression in Arabian sea; rain likely in Kasaragod, Kannur and Kozhikode

Thiruvananthapuram: A depression that formed in the Arabian sea has intensified into a deep depression, the Kerala State Disaster Management ..


AI can spot depression via sound of your voice

New Delhi: India - the sixth most depressed country in the world -- has an estimated 56 million people suffering from depression and ..


Childhood abuse worsens depression later

London: Facing trauma in childhood can significantly change the structure of the brain, which may result in severe depression which ..


Working 9 hours a day can raise depression risk in women

London: Working for nine plus hours a day could put women at higher risk of depression, but not men, finds a study. Women who worked ..

Social media

These negative social media behaviours are linked to depression

New York: While scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, did you ever feel that everyone else is living their life better than you? ..


Aswathy Babu frequented drug parties in Goa: Police

Kochi: Police have found that Malayalam serial actress Aswathy Babu, from whose flat they seized MDMA recently, used to visit Goa frequently ..


Negative social media experiences linked to depression

New York: Negative experiences on social media carry more weight than positive interactions when it comes to the likelihood of young ..


How depression negatively impacts heart patients

New York: Depression, even when undiagnosed, can have many negative effects on patients with cardiovascular diseases, including poor ..

Pinarayi Vijayan

Depression not expected to hit Kerala directly: CM

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said Tuesday that at present it has not been predicted that the depression formed ..


Sleeping less than 8 hours a night can lead to depression

New York: Are you in the habit sleeping less than eight hours a night? Beware, you may be at risk of suffering from depression and ..


An hour of exercise a week can kill depression

Sydney: If you are finding it hard to get time to do exercise on weekdays, do not give up the habit on weekend thinking it may not ..


Depression may alter brain structure

London: An individual suffering from depression may be at an increased risk of developing changes in the structure of the brain associated ..

genetic disease

Gene that causes depression identified

New York: US researchers have identified a gene that plays a key role in depression by either amplifying or reducing stress, depending ..


Banish Depression from Your System

We need to understand what depression is. Depression is self-created for most people – unless you are pathologically ill, which ..


'One-fourth mental illness due to workplace depression'

New Delhi: One in every four mental health problems occurring in people is due to depression, said experts in a seminar here. Long ..


Depression: Women like to talk it out, men look for quick fixes

London: While visiting a psychologist for therapy to deal with depression, men are more likely to prefer a quick fix than women who ..


Mental depression high among Keralites: Survey

Thiruvananthapuram: Around nine per cent of Keralites, belonging to different age groups, are suffering from mental depression, according ..


Blood pressure drugs may increase risk of depression

London: Some commonly prescribed blood pressure medications may increase risk of mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder, ..

Depression can be as deadly as smoking

Depression in parents, grandparents bad for kids

New York: Children whose parents and grandparents are suffering from depression are at a higher risk of suffering from major depressive ..


Late menopause lowers risk of depression later in life

London: Menopause at an older age lowers the risk of depression for women in later life, says a new study. The study found that menopause ..

High-fat diet leads to depression

High-fat diet leads to depression

London: A diet high in fat content can lead to anxiety and depression by causing measurable changes in the brain, researchers report ..