Vaccines, Innovation and Climate Change: 2022 is an year to watch for

As 2022 gets under way, it may be time to look at some of the major trends - megatrends? ..

Venkaiah Naidu
Concerted global efforts needed to to save islands: Naidu
From COP 26 Climate Change Conference at Glasgow
India bold enough to set climate commitments
climate change
Is it too late to prevent impending disasters?

India among world's top 10 for climate tech investment

London: India ranks ninth in the list of top 10 countries for climate technology investment over the past five years and Indian climate ..


Why Kerala witnesses more rain-related calamities?

The unforeseen rainfall and the landslides triggered by it have claimed many lives in Kerala. The relentless rains coupled with the ..


Google cracks down on ads promoting climate change denial

London:Google is cracking down on digital ads promoting false climate change claims or being used to make money from such content, ..

climate change

Climate change: manmade monster

Recently, while the United States took the first steps to officially withdraw from the Paris Agreement thereby rolling back environmental ..


Rainfall pattern changing across globe, India not left out

New Delhi: The rainfall pattern across the globe is changing due to rapid warming of the Indo-Pacific Ocean and the changes have brought ..


Children in India face higher health burden of climate change: Lancet report

New Delhi: As temperatures rise in a changing climate scenario, children born in India will be particularly vulnerable to a greater ..

Bill Gates

Bill Gates’ book on fighting climate change coming next June

New York: Bill Gates is taking his fight against climate change to the printed page. Gates is working on “How to Avoid a Climate ..


Gandhi would have liked Indians to focus on tackling issue of climate change: Jaishankar

Washington: Mahatma Gandhi would have liked Indians to focus on the issue of climate change, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar ..

Greta Thunberg

Swedish teen Greta Thunberg triumphs where world leaders falter

There was much hope when the Paris Agreement on Climate Change was adopted in December 2015 to keep the increase in global average ..

Muthukulam sea surge issue

Sea level to rise 1.1 m by 2100, Kerala coasts under threat

Kochi: Global warming, if left unchecked, will severely affect those living near the sea, including in Kerala. A report based on the ..

climate change

Keralite among 100 selected to participate in first Youth Climate Summit at UN

Thiruvananthapuram: A young climate activist from Kerala is among 100 outstanding climate champions selected from around the world ..


Rising temperature dries out tea leaves in Idukki

Kattappana: As the temperature in the region increased, tender leaves in the tea plantations have started to dry out. Drying leaves ..

Shoolini University

A university helps conserve mountain economies facing climate brunt

Solan: A research-based university near here in Himachal Pradesh is working for mountain people and its fragile biodiversity -- that ..


Tropical plants migrate to Wayanad - Signs of trouble?

Kalpetta: Studies spanning three decades have proven that the weather conditions in Wayanad has undergone drastic changes with tropical ..


Climate change: agri fields turning barren lands

Thalapuzha: The climate change is creating troubles for the farm sector in Wayanad district. With farmers resorting to other vocations, ..