Chicken sale soars amid lockdown

Kochi: With the lockdown in place, kitchens in every household are busy with the ..

2 chicken at Rs 100; people queue up in front of shop, owner ends up in police custody
Jackfruit the new chicken substitute post corona scare
ഏറ്റെടുക്കാൻ ആളില്ലാതെ കോഴികൾ റോഡരികിൽ
Chickens left abandoned near roadside in Kozhikode

Have you tried chicken cooked in pumpkin leaves?

There are plenty of dishes made of chicken. But this grilled chicken with pumpkin leaves recipe is definitely one from outside the ..


Read about this 'Eat and Run' thief from Kannur

Taliparamba (Kannur): A thief who broke into a hotel on the national highway here did not stop from robbing the valuables but went ..

Chicken stall

Onam offer in chicken stalls - Buy 1 kg chicken, get 1 kg tomato and 10 eggs free!

Elathur (Kozhikode): In view of Onam season, merchants are trying innovative marketing strategies to woo customers. Those who buy 1 ..


‘Capturing’ offer; Beef-Chicken combos from Kozhikode prison available online

Kozhikode: In a delicious business move, Kozhikode District Prison has introduced chicken and beef food combos that can be ordered ..


Meat of end-of-lay-hens priced like broilers

Kalpetta: Complaints have arisen that some meat stalls in the state sell the meat of end-of-lay-hens which is called spent hens faking ..

Malwani chicken

Malwani Chicken

Malwani Chicken curry is a dish from the Malwan area of the Konkan, Maharashtra. Like other South Indian cuisines, Malwani cuisine ..

Chicken Steak

Chicken steak

Even though a western recipe, it is very popular among chicken lovers. This home made, easy to make recipe is best tasted when cooked ..

honey souse

Honey Chicken

This juicy sweet and spicy dish will leave you craving for more after every bite. Ingredients Boneless chicken: 300g Garlic (smashed) ..


Around 500 chicks killed by stray dogs

Varkala: Stray dogs attacked and killed around 500 chicks at the Muthana poultry farm in Chemmaruthi here. The stray dogs attacked ..


Why some chickens are resistant to bird flu

London: The genes of some chickens make them almost completely resistant to a serious strain of bird flu, new research has found. ..