Virat Kohli and Sunil Chhetri, leaders in their own right

Camaraderie in sports can be a wonderful sight. Players jostling together and showing ..

Indian Cricket team
How the mighty fall!
asian games
Rise of young talents brings a refreshing change
Talents like Dipa Karmarkar and Hima Das put the spotlight on North East India

IPL's excitement and flourish, a reflection of cricketing times

In the end it seemed a perfect finish to a thriller. A team that had been suspended for two years, Chennai Super Kings returned to ..

Sunil Chettri

A glorious past, a dull present but perhaps a bright future

These are perhaps refreshing times in Indian football. The sport has been receiving a lot of positve vibes and understandably. The ..

IPL match

Of popularity of teams and future of sports

Years ago when India was on the threshold of launching a professional league in football, the Asian Football Confederation organised ..

Dilip Vengsarkar

When Dilip Vengsarkar unwittingly oversteps

Cricketing great Dilip Vengsarkar is not one who indulges in stray talk, so one thought. The man is generally known to be careful with ..


Cricketers show the art of remaining in the sports limelight

The other day social media had carried what to many a sportsperson and sports fan must have been an unnacceptable sight. It was a picture ..

India U-19 world cup

A classic show by the U-19 cricketers

It was only the other day that the legend Roger Federer after winning his 20th Grand Slam at the Australian Open said in a voice choked ..

Pankaj Advani

Sporting excellence matters not the sport, asks cue-sport wizard Pankaj Advani

2018 is round the corner and as the old year slowly slips away into history, the New Year beckons sports persons with fresh dreams, ..

India U-17 football team

The U-17 bravehearts need a pat on their back

The happenings in the past few days have been a revelation for Indian football. First, the senior team being moulded into a strong ..


Players can be sent off in cricket, the football way

We often hear, and more often now, that sports is very much an entertainment like any other in the genre say movies or stage plays ..


The story of Dhoni's grit and determination

Indian cricket's chief selector M S K Prasad can be a good narrator. As a national cricketer once for a short period, he may not ..

west indies

West Indians scale height of glory

Over 300 sixes and perhaps many more times that number in boundaries, not to speak of the close singles and braces, the shrewd bowling, ..