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An all-encompassing view of Kashmiri ethos and culture

Perhaps the most enigmatic region in the world, Kashmir has a special place in the ..

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A powerful, compassionate, timely account of rape victims
Venom book
'Venom' a mythological fantasy-mystery set in current times
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Mastering 5 elements to maintain emotional, mental wellness
Think Again

Letting go of stale opinions and learning to rethink

Discover the critical art of rethinking: how questioning your opinions can position you for excellence at work and wisdom in life. ..

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An unforgettable adventure in the underworld of a dystopian Paris

Paige Mahoney has eluded death again. Snatched from the jaws of captivity and consigned to a safe house in the Scion Citadel of Paris, ..

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About searching for love and rediscovering yourself

What if you ran away from your life today? Twenty years later, three people are looking for you. One is dying to meet you again. The ..


'The Death Script': A haunting account of the Maoist insurgency

Narrated in multiple voices, 'The Death Script' is a creative biography of 'Dandakaranya' that combines the rigour ..

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A book of mangoes, bridge and a bygone era

Families are like the sweet mangoes of Aamnagri - messy, filled with juicy secrets and sticking together through all times. The ..

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Read an excerpt from Arun Shourie’s latest `Preparing For Death’

A new book by writer Arun Shourie, aptly titled Preparing For Death, is studded with insights, novel interpretations, practical suggestions ..

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An ocean forever in the melting pot of history

Its an ocean as vast as the sub-continent whose name it bears, encompassing Asia to the north, Australia to the east and Africa to ..

Allegories for Bohemians

Exploring Bohemian lives

A collection of ten entertaining stories about unconventional individuals and lives. That can be the shortest introduction we can give ..


Unforgettable journey through terror ravaged Sri Lanka

The 'Purge', a novel written by Mahadevan Thampi, takes us to the emerald island rocked by a violent civil war between the ..

Cover of 'Courage, Conviction, Controversy And Cricket'

Of sinners, saints and cricketing tales

Was the 2018 ball tampering case involving David Warner, Cameron Bancroft and Steve Smith more diabolical than the use of Vaseline, ..


'Phulkari' transposes you into dream world of Punjabi embroidery

Close your eyes, utter the word 'Phulkari' and you will be instantly propelled into a VIBGYOR world of Punjabi embroidery ..


'Sway' tells us how to deal with unconscious bias

We all have our conscious biases but how do we deal with our unconscious biases that could do us enormous harm without our realising ..


'Together' tells us ways to overcome loneliness

At a time of social distancing forced by the coronavirus pandemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cope with loneliness. But ..


'To You With Love' - The story of two disparate people who fell in love

What happens when two disparate people grow up together but stay apart, only to eventually fall in love. Shravya Bhinder, the bestselling ..

Breathe, Believe, Balance

'Breathe, Believe, Balance' to lead a healthier, fulfilling life

The key to fitness lies in the mind, writes Shayamal Vallabhjee in "Breathe, Believe, Balance - A Guide to Self-discovery and ..


Azadi... The Immured Heart of Kashmir

Kashmir, where flowers once smiled, has ceased to be the paradise on earth. Azadi, the word that changed the fate of the land forever, ..


'My Son's Inheritance': An eye-opening myth-buster

For generations, it has been drilled into Indians right from their school days onward that non-violence is the essence of the nation's ..

An Officer and His Holiness

The story of an Indian who spirited the Dalai Lama to safety

"An Officer and His Holiness" penned by Rani Singh is the heroic story of Har Mander Singh who escorted Tibetan spiritual ..

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Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line: Solving the mystery of missing children

A nine-year old amateur detective and his young team try to solve the mystery of children going missing from their sprawling basti ..

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When one teargas shell quelled a 3,000-strong mob

The sight of a mellow dawn breaking over the city's ghat's or the light of a thousand diyas brightening the Ganga river at ..

Cover of 'A Secret History of Compassion'

Sex, Stalin, Satire, Satan and Jesus

'A Secret History Of Compassion' is a mind-blowing read illuminated by the amazing creative energy and craft of Paul Zacharia, ..

Boris Johnson

British PM Boris Johnson once called this book ‘a well-written rubbish’; But why?

It is almost two months that Boris Johnson has been the Prime Minister of Britain. But what was his career like in the initial years ..

Working mothers

A perfect guide for working mothers to weed out guilt and regret

There are many challenges a working woman faces. But what are the three major obstacles to Working Motherhood that need to be weathered? ..

Brad Smith new book

Make data open, accessible as electricity, Microsoft President demands in new book

At a time when there are calls to break tech giants like Facebook and Google, Microsoft President Brad Smith has a solution: To ensure ..


‘A Beautiful Corpse’: A reporter’s journey to solve her mother’s murder

Appealing characters and an insider's look at ethical journalism in the midst of newspaper cutbacks lend a solid foundation to ..


Sacred yet erotic: Radha and her love for Krishna

The anthology ‘Finding Radha - The Dance for Love’ edited by Malashri Lal and Namita Gokhale and published by Penguin Random ..


Heads, hands and hearts: How 'Globotics' will change worklife

Predictions about job crisis that the advent of robotics and artificial intelligence may unleash in developing as well as developed ..


'Bullocks from the West': The South, its land, its lore in technicolour

If you are living a life in urban India, which passes like a blur each time you open your eyes, the stories in N.A Muthuswamy's ..


Nuts and Bolts - Exploring tech-infused education

There are no excuses for not improving your English. In the age of digital invasion, , a progressive web app designed by Dr Premanand, ..


Demystifying that dreaded six-letter word

Arun Chacko, a veteran journalist who had travelled the world for his stories, died on June 15, 2015, of cancer, a word that one utters ..


An 'epic' on Indian soldiers in WWI

World War I was a long and brutal military confrontation between the major powers of the early 20th century, fought across the trenches ..


Red Birds: A tough black comedy with laborious wit

With a fallen pilot, an ambitious, but floundering, teenager and a dog as the three narrators, Pakistani writer Mohammed Hanif, in ..


Subhash Kapoor ruled the roost as an idol thief, now he cools his heels in jail

Here is a gripping account of one of the most sensational crimes of recent times involving the plunder of India's cultural treasures ..


Full Disclosure: Sex, threats and Donald Trump

In a tell-all memoir that justifies its title "Full Disclosure", porn star Stormy Daniels makes stunning claims about US ..


India and EU: The devil lies in the (trade) deal

About a decade ago, the European Commission, troubled perhaps by the not-so-positive perception it has in India, decided to set up ..


'The Leapfroggers': Good read about India's efforts to develop its own rockets

A discussion by space scientists on a giant condom as a raincoat for an Indian rocket; the late President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam as an ..


'Eating Wasps': A crisp take on tough choices confronting women

Anita Nair's "Eating Wasps" has the ability to unsettle you, in just the same way eating a wasp for real would jolt ..


Of love, longing and reunion: A fable of our times

This tiny book - its prose poignant and illustrations beautiful - may come across as a light read, but is intimate in its moment and ..


A comprehensive history of America's ties with South Asia

American interest in South Asian countries (particularly India) - which deepened after the British decolonization in 1947, in search ..


Lessons for the new century

Yuval Noah Harari, the million-copy bestselling author of "Sapiens" and "Homo Deus", has returned with "21 ..

The Zero Cost Mission

When Indian spies came out on top in Bangladesh

Spymaster Amar Bhushan's first book, "Escape to Nowhere", based on the defection of a senior RAW officer to the US, was ..


A gripping commentary on Adi Shankara

Adi Shankara was undoubtedly one of the greatest men the subcontinent ever saw. A man of brilliant mind, his compositions and achievements ..