Padmam Nair

Even at 100, this granny wants to continue fabric painting and sewing

For the past 19 years, Padmam Nair has been spending her free hours for fabric painting ..

Green museum
Man makes 'green museum' at farm using eco-friendly materials
Saree painting
Sindhu draws pictures of COVID battle on saree; wishes to contribute it to CMDRF
Anamika making handicraft
School girl turns waste materials into handicrafts; creative way of reusing
Metal engraving art

College student's love for metal engraving; artwork finds way to Los Angeles

Kuttikkol (Kasaragod): A young man is attracting attention with his creative hobby. Kolathingal native Vipin Raj is passionate about ..


3D painting of temple on house compound wall; Rasheed upholds creativity for unity

Wayanad: The compound wall of a residence near Mathamangalam Bhagavati temple has been turned into to a canvas depicted with local ..


‘Kurunnolakkoottam’ shows how farm tradition paved way to art

A group of Thrissur based artists known as ‘Kurunnolakkoottam’ stand out by creating wonderful craftworks using tender ..


30 ft sculpture depicting nature-human relation adorns Karunagappally school

Karunagappally: A huge sculpture that depicts different aspects of the relationship between human beings and nature is attracting attention ..


Old age does not deter these artists from crafting marvels

Thiruvananthapuram: For Rangan, a resident of Malayam, old age is not a period to retire from the job. At the age of 72, he makes beautiful ..