B Abhijith with his goats

Goats and bulls as gift for 'full A+': Meet this young farmer from Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram: When Abhijith’s father asked him what he wanted as a gift ..

Punganur cattle
Cute and short Punganur dwarf cow in Thrissur household steals hearts
Kozhikode woman, who owns 13 cows, scripts success saga as dairy farmer
Young brothers enter cattle farming after father's demise; own 7 cows, 20 buffaloes in 1 yr
Exotic birds

Exotic birds worth upto Rs 4.5 lakh; Man who enjoys company of pet birds

Malappuram: Thalakkad Vengaloor native Abdul Razak Haji has several winged friends at his house. Most of them are expensive exotic ..

Mathew Benny

13-yr-old boy runs dairy farm after father's demise in Idukki

Idukki: Mathew Benny is only 13 years old, but anyone will get surprised to see his skills in animal husbandry. Along with schooling, ..

Shih Tzu

Demand for indoor pet dogs increases during lockdown

Thrissur: The indoor pet dog breeds are preferred over the ferocious guard dogs during the lockdown, it has been found out in a study ..

Pet rats

Rats can be pets; Kozhikode man rears over 1000 rats of 9 breeds

Kozhikode: Over 1000 pet rats are happily playing in the cages and cabins arranged on the terrace of Kundayithode native Firoz Khan ..

Cow and calf with Milma logo

Cow and calf with 'Milma' logo on forehead grab eyeballs in Wayanad

Ambalavayal (Wayanad): A cow and her calf here have been receiving abundant love from the owners and neighbours ever since the birth ..


Goat gives birth to kids through artificial insemination in Marayur

Marayur (Idukki): For the first time in Anchunadu here, a goat gave birth to two kids through artificial insemination. Though cows ..

Aseem in his farm

Man starts dairy farm amid COVID crisis; now owns 16 cows, gets over 200 litre milk per day

Palode (Thiruvananthapuram): When the COVID crisis affected his livelihood, young writer and NRI Aseem Pallivila switched his career ..

Milma calf

Meet the 'Milma calf' that is going viral on social media

Panamaram (Wayanad): Those who visit the Mini Mixed Dairy Farm owned by Joseph Thomas at Nadavayal here can see the ‘Milma’ ..

Barbari goats

Beautiful, friendly, high immunity; Barbari goats poach hearts of people easily

Barbari goats are known for their beauty and friendly nature. They easily get used to the climate of Kerala and have high immunity ..

Milk production

Milk production increases by 3.29 lakh litres; no facility to produce milk powder

Thrissur: The state has attained an increase in milk production. Kerala Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (Milma) records a surplus ..

Najeeb and father Ibrahim in buffalo farm

Bus owner starts buffalo farm in Kasaragod to overcome lockdown crisis

Kasaragod: Madikkai Kanjirappoyil native M I Najeeb was the owner of ‘Galaxy’ bus travelling in Kanhangad Neeleshwaram ..


Protect your goats from PPR aka goat plague

Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) is an acute, highly contagious disease known as goat plague. Caused by Morbillivirus, the disease ..

Ajayakumar near his hi-tech goat cage

Kottayam man applies hi-tech method in goat rearing

Kottayam: A man hailing from Mattathil in Pallickathodu here has introduced hi-tech method in goat rearing. An electrical and plumbing ..

Lumpy skin disease vaccination

Lumpy skin disease in cows; vaccination begins

Mananthavady (Wayanad): The Department of Animal Husbandry has started vaccination against the lumpy skin disease spreading among cattle ..

Sindhu in her quail farm

Meet the lady who rears quails, goats, rabbits, country chicken and cow in mere 15-cents of land

Spatial limitation always poses a challenge to farming. But Sindhu from Idukki has proved it wrong by rearing quail, rabbits, fish, ..

dairy farm

Fish farm in 10 acre, dairy farm with 20 cows; Nizar shows benefits of integrated farming

Ernakulam: A 10-acre fish farm in Pallippuram and a dairy farm with 20 cows is the result of hard work by Nizar, a farmer hailing from ..


Govt takes care of cows as all family members test COVID +ve in Kottayam

Kottayam: When all members of a family in Thiruvarppu here were infected with COVID-19, their cows were left alone in the house with ..

Fish farming

NRI friends initiate new method of fish farming in Kavvayi backwaters

Padanna (Kasaragod): A group of expats have found a new livelihood amid the pandemic crisis. The NRI community in Thekkakkadu here ..


PT teacher lives 'goat days' during lockdown

Thrissur: Quite contrary to the popular novel, 'goat days' gave a new life to Ollur native Sudheer, a physical education trainer ..

 Pinless peepers

'Pinless peeper' to calm aggressive poultry birds introduced in Kerala

A new variety of 'nose pin' has been introduced for roosters in poultry farms to avoid fighting with each other. The equipment ..


For 9-yr-old Alex, milking 2 big cows is a passion; wishes to become vet doctor

Cherupuzha (Kannur): When the new generation is hesitant to work hard on the soil and learn agriculture lessons in life, a 9-year-old ..

Thalassery Chicken

170 eggs per year, less fatty meat; grow Thalassery chicken in households

Thalassery chicken is an indigenous variety of poultry in Kerala. It is the only chicken from Kerala among the 19 recognised Indian ..

African Boer Goat​

African Boer becomes popular breed among goat farmers

African Boer is a breed of goat that is becoming popular among the cattle farmers here. The major feature of Boer is that it gains ..

Lumpy Skin Disease In Cows

Dairy farmers worried over viral skin disease in cattle

Maranellur (Thiruvananthapuram): The dairy farmers are in crisis after a new kind of viral disease spread is seen among the cattle ..


Iggu recovering after removing growth on upper jaw

Kollam: Iggu, the iguana, was struggling not being able to consume food after it had a growth on his upper jaw. After it was removed ..


Reefer container to preserve fish for 72 hrs introduced in Kerala for the first time

Kollam: For the first time in Kerala, a reefer container that helps preserve fish for about 72 hours has been introduced in Kollam ..

Dairy farmer

Jojo and his 32 cows

Bandadka (Kasaragod): A dairy farmer here is receiving accolades from all for his achievements in dairy sector. Karivedakam native ..

Green egg

What's the secret behind the green eggs in Malappuram?

Malappuram: The news of hens laying green eggs at the house of Othukkungal Ambalavan native Shihabudheen had surprised Keralites ..


Price of dairy cows increases; Rs 80,000 for cow that produces 10 litres of milk

As the arrival of dairy cows from other states stopped due to COVID-19 lockdown, the demand and price of cows in Kerala is on the rise ..


Cat lovers take a look: Dos and Don'ts while feeding cats

Cats are adorable pets and are loved as a family member in many households. They are different from other pets when it comes to their ..


Have a dog at home? Take good care of it to help survive summer

Pet animals at households or pet shops need more care during the summer. The heat intensifies day by day and it will adversely affect ..


Fluffy and featherweight; meet this cute tiny pet for flat dwellers

Aping the trend in Western countries, we too have started rearing different pets. Rabbits and squirrels are very commonly found pets ..


Herbal acaricide developed to save livestock, pets

Bareilly: The Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) and the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) in Lucknow have developed ..

pet grooming

Good news for animal lovers! Spa for pets now in Thrissur

Thrissur: Kerala Veterinary University has initiated a pet grooming and spa centre near Mannuthy veterinary hospital. The ‘Silky ..


Have a pet? Then follow these precautions to avoid sun stroke

The increasing temperature in summer is very likely to affect pets and cattle. The intense heat may have adverse impacts on eating ..


Rs 1.5 lakh offered for a Aseel rooster; Owner declines to sell

Marayur: A rooster was offered a whopping Rs 1.5 lakh during an exhibition of Parrot Beak Long Tail Aseel Chicken held at Ayyalur ..


Feed silage to cattle for better milk production

As the grass farms were destroyed in the flood, silage is suggested as a good alternative fodder for the cattle. Though the north Indian ..


Success story of first female vet surgeon in Lakshadweep

When Dr. P. P. Nilufer took charge as the first women veterinary surgeon in the Kavaratti dairy farm in Lakshadweep, everyone in the ..