paddy farming

Kerala State Biodiversity Board introduces action plan for preserving traditional farming methods

Kozhikode: Kerala State Biodiversity Board has prepared an action plan for identifying ..

Bird's eye chilli
Huge demand for 'Kanthari' chilli in foreign markets; let's grow in organic way
The brothers' farm
Brothers reap success through integrated farming in Kakkadampoyil
Arinellikka star gooseberry
'Arinellikka' plant not giving fruits yet? A few tips...
Areca nut

Price of areca nut at record high as rain hits production

When the new harvest season of area nut started, the price has skyrocketed but production remains low. About 5000 kilograms of areca ..


Cardamom farmers in distress as untimely rains cause diseases

Vaduvanchal: The stem rot disease in cardamom plants has brought the farmers of the district into crossroads. The infected plants ..


Man who grows hibiscus on 10-acre land shares tips to make value-added products

Farming is not something new for Keralites, but Vypinkara native Ambros took a different step by cultivating shoe flower aka hibiscus ..

chinese potato

'Kattukoorka' fetches Rs 65 per kg; huge demand for produce

Marayur: After the Covid curbs were relaxed, ‘Chilla’ tribal market and auction organised by the forest department in Marayur ..

ആഫ്രിക്കനൊച്ചിനെ  തുരത്തിയ വീട്ടുകാർക്കു താറാവു സമ്മാനം

Snail catchers rewarded by Muhamma grama panchayat

Alappuzha: Muhamma Grama panchayat gifted ducks to the households for killing the African snails that have become a threat to the farmers ..

Rose apples

Easy way to grow rose apple tree at home

Rose apple, popularly known as ‘Chambakka’ in Malayalam, grows well without much maintenance. It is an ideal fruit for ..

Abhilash involved in farming

Wild animal menace: Kollam villagers forced to take up roof top farming

Achenkovil (Kollam): There are only a few houses in Kollam’s Achenkovil village where rooftop farming cannot be spotted. They ..

Pokkali rice

Pokkali rice: Plans afoot to restore the past glory

Though agriculture was part of the culture of our state once, not many are interested in it these days. The new generation doesn't ..


Farmer harvests 43 kilograms of elephant foot yam after trying soilless method

Kunnamangalam (Kozhikode): A farmer harvested 43 kilograms of elephant foot yam after he cultivated in soilless method. Cherukulathoor ..

Black pepper

Rs 41 hike within 7 days; black pepper price skyrockets as Covid-19 scare subdues

Kochi: Easing of Covid-19 curbs have given a new momentum to black pepper prices. Within a week, the price has witnessed a hike of ..

Cicily George

To get more flowers from plants, follow Cicily's simple trick

Kottayam: Retired bank employee Cicily George is taking care of her garden plants as if they were her children. She is growing plants ..


Kottayam family harvests 2-metre-long giant tapioca weighing 10 kg

Kothanalloor (Kottayam): When the tapioca planted in Kothanalloor native Jain Joseph’s compound was harvested, the family members ..


Farmer plants banana saplings in grow bags, saves them from rain havoc

Haripad (Alappuzha): Though the flood affected the crops all over the place, Cheruthana native Dayanandan’s banana farm is safe ..

Sri Lanka farm

Is Sri Lanka's experience in organic farming a lesson for Kerala?

The sudden switching to organic farming in Sri Lanka that ended up in a disaster has raised many questions regarding the concept's ..

Punganur cattle

Cute and short Punganur dwarf cow in Thrissur household steals hearts

Thrissur: Thanikkudam native K Hareesh, a teacher, found Punganur dwarf cow after searching for a cow breed that can be reared in his ..

Rabi in farm

Visually challenged farmer never fails to find the way; continues farming for 40 yrs

Parassala (Thiruvananthapuram): Karali native T Rabi is blazing a trail for the visually challenged people as he overcame visual impairment ..


Sweet fruits, short trees; Arka Kiran guava fetches Rs 120, farmers get Rs 60-70

Palakkad: The people who visit the orchard at Ramarpanne in Meenakshipuram here need not take stones or sticks to pluck guavas. They ..

magic plant

Price of touch-me-not plant is costlier than petrol on e-commerce platforms

Touch-me-not plant also known as shameplant and Mimosa pudica is a plant commonly found in our surroundings. Though people tend to ..

Joseph with Gangabondam dwarf coconut tree

Selling over 50,000 saplings every year, Joseph turns promoter of dwarf coconut trees

Thopramkudy (Idukki): Perumthotti native Joseph is known for selling most number of dwarf coconut trees in Idukki district. He sells ..

terrace farming

Dragon fruit, lemon, ginger, tapioca, banana... Former expat turns terrace a rich farm

Koodal (Pathanamthitta): A man who returned after many years of expat life has turned his rooftop and house premises a paradise of ..


Kerala Govt to form Agro-Business Company for procuring, processing, marketing of farm products

Alappuzha: Aiming at a major leap in the agriculture sector, the state government is planning to form Kerala Agro-Business Company ..

Areca nut

Areca nut price touches Rs 430 per kg; highest price in 25 years

Nilambur: The price of areca nut is skyrocketing when compared to previous times. The price touched Rs 430 per kilogram giving hope ..


Breadfruit tree planted 3 yrs ago produces 'jackfruit'; leaves owners in surprise

Mulleria (Kasaragod): Surprising everyone, a breadfruit tree planted three years ago here bore fruits that resemble jackfruit. The ..


Simple solutions to avoid gamboge in mangosteen

Mangosteen fruits are affected with gamboge which causes a major blow in the fruit sales. Gamboge occurs when the amount of calcium ..


Kozhikode woman, who owns 13 cows, scripts success saga as dairy farmer

Nanmanda (Kozhikode): Sarjoni, who started to take care of cattle with her parents at the age of eight, has been rearing cattle for ..

മഴക്കാലം മുഴുവൻ കായ്ക്കുന്ന പ്ലാവ്  : തൈകൾ ഉത്പാദിപ്പിച്ച് വിപണി കണ്ടെത്തി കർഷകർ

Now, enjoy tasty jackfruit even during monsoon

Kottiyoor: Jackfruit has a special place in the heart of Malayalees. The vast variety of dishes, their smell, taste, and texture bring ..

Giant bunch of banana

Six-feet-tall banana bunch weighing 65 kg pulls crowd in Kozhikode

Perumanna (Kozhikode): A giant bunch of banana that grew in a house compound at Puthoormadam here is pulling the crowd. The bunch ..

kasthuri venda

Muskmallow - a tasty vegetable as well as medicinal herb

Muskmallow which is called ‘Kasthuri Venda’ in Malayalam is a vegetable commonly found in countryside. The seed of the ..

Amalu Sinoy

Little farmers who made kitchen gardens honoured by Agri Dept

Kumarakom: The Department of Agriculture is encouraging the new generation to love farming. As part of this, the government has honoured ..

Gracious Benjamin

Passionate about farming and reading, TVM man pens 240 books

Vizhinjam (Thiruvananthapuram): A man who loves literature and agriculture alike continues winning honours for his passion. Kottukal ..


Purple yam weighing 300 kg, tapioca of 100 kg; growing giant crops is fun for this farmer

Kottayam: Karukachal native Thomaskutty finds his farm as a laboratory. The giant crops he grew in his farm will make anyone amazed ..

Ananthu in his farm

TVM youth harvests 50 kg okra per day, proves farming gives decent income

Thiruvananthapuram: Though Naruvamoodu native Ananthu R is a BCom graduate, he is passionate about agriculture. After completing SSLC, ..


Agri dept turns blind eye; tractor abandoned years ago rusts, creates trouble for nearby household

Pathanamthitta: An old tractor abandoned at a household years ago has turned into a headache for the landowner. The aging tractor was ..


Farmer cultivates rambutan on 1.5 acre wasteland, harvests 2000 kg fruits

Kannur: When a young farmer bought 1.5-acre land near Kottakkunnu at Peralam in Kannur 14 years ago, many tried to discourage him ..

Sabu in his orchid garden

Wayanad man grows over 150 varieties of orchids in garden

Wayanad: Sabu's polyhouse in Ambalavayal Pothuketti is a vast world of orchids with 150 species of orchids, including wild, native ..


Highly toxic pesticide found in cardamom; difficult to remove residues

Kottayam: The presence of 'highly toxic' pesticides has been traced in cardamom. According to the latest report of the Department ..

indoor plants

Lockdown boosted love for plants; TVM lady makes income through indoor plants

Before lockdown, Thiruvananthapuram Pattom native Anila Binoj was busy with writing, reading and anchoring. But when the pandemic caused ..

Tallest yam plant

12-ft-tall yam plant pulls crowd in Kasaragod; farmer tries to bag world record

Vellarikkundu (Kasaragod): Grabbing eyeballs, an elephant foot yam plant has grown to a height of over 12 feet here. The giant ..


Kozhikode man grows arrowroot on 4 acres of land; receives order from Australia

Kozhikode: Koodaranji native Abraham aka Appachan is scripting a success saga through arrowroot farming which can be cultivated at ..

Varghese in his Cocoa farm

Cocoa beans from Manimala exported to US; dream come true moment for Varghese

Manimala (Kottayam): It was dream come true moment for K J Varghese aka Monayi as dry cocoa beans were exported to US from Manimala ..


Kerala to have five agro ecological zones to boost agriculture

Thiruvananthapuram: In a bid to minimise Kerala's dependency on other states on agriculture products, the state government is coming ..


Young brothers enter cattle farming after father's demise; own 7 cows, 20 buffaloes in 1 yr

Thrissur: Along with studies, Asludeen and his brother Hashim are ensuring a safe income for the family through cattle farming. They ..

A farm full of fruits

Musa Haji's farm is a wonderland of sweet plump fruits

Perambra: Musa Haji has built a paradise in his farm. His farm is filled with different varieties of sweet and plump fruits. Musa Haji, ..


Wild elephant wreaks havoc in Suryanelli; farmers in crisis

Idukki: The wild elephant roaming in Suryanelli region has become a headache for the farmers who are reeling under the Covid crisis ..