Nabeesa and Muhammed

Mother breathes last just hours before son, who left home 45 yrs ago, comes back

Chennai / Kasaragod: A mother’s wish to meet her son who ran away from home ..

Police help for elderly people
Police install ‘bell of trust’ at houses to help elderly people living alone
Hearing-speech impaired couple ties knot in presence of similar friends
mass wedding
88 couples enter wedlock at mass wedding ceremony in Wayanad

Toddler Parenting Challenges - 2

As promised in the previous article. Here are few secrets to getting kids to cooperate that have worked like a charm for me personally: ..


Toddler Parenting Challenges - 1

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response for my last week’s article. I could feel in your responses that many of you could ..


How to handle your kids’ public tantrums?

“Tantrums and fits in public. I have 3 children and my youngest is by far the hardest. He will scream, ‘I hate you,’ ..


Plus Two student shares home with classmate who lost parents

Kannur: Shinraj was concerned when his classmate Priyanth was absent in class for one week continuously. Priyanth had told him that ..


Procrastination and poor decision making in your teen

Do you have issues with getting your teen listen to you? Does your teen keep delaying his chores at home or at school? Is he or she ..


How to help children cope with disasters?

Kerala is witnessing one of the worst times in its history. Life has been turned upside down, havoc everywhere around. The experience ..


What kids of today are missing?

I would like to begin this week’s article with few quotes, quotes both from famous people and not so famous and very common people ..


For 13 years, a mother waits outside classroom to fulfil her son’s dream

Cheruvathur (Kasaragod): This mother has been guarding the dreams of her son for the past 13 years. She has waited outside the classroom ..

Elderly mother

86-yr-old covered in ants, made to sit on doorstep by children

Mavelikkara: An elderly woman and mother of 6 children was found outside the house covered by ants. After the locals informed the ..


Life after being a ‘Dad’

How your life changes once you are a DAD... June 17, 2018 when the world is celebrating the day to honor one of the most beautiful ..


Career of our children: A need for paradigm shift

They say the most talked about topics in any part of the world are weather and politics! However, if you talk to parents anywhere, ..


Back to School Anxieties

How to help your child to start a new school year? Although they might complain about the end of summer and the start of homework, ..


How to tackle challenges of being a new mom?

We have been discussing about motherhood in the previous issue. Being a new mom is a challenging experience and we are going to deal ..


Motherhood: A new beginning

Second Sunday of May every year is observed and celebrated as the Mother’s Day and since I have been primarily connecting to ..


Teaching our children to apologize

I remember one sunny afternoon when my daughter was playing tag with a group of children. Suddenly, she ran into a friend and they ..


Why our children desperately love those FAD toys?

From snake n ladder, Ludo, chess, caroms etc. to monopoly, fidget spinners, play stations (different series), X-BOX and augmented reality ..


‘Triple ride’ in father’s arms; Triplets born to 59-year-old man begins pre-school

Kizhakkambalam: The triplets of a 59-year-old father have begun going to pre-school. The three children are of Poyyakkunnam native ..


Negative thoughts and our teenagers

"I’m mad. I don’t know why. Sometimes I wake up mad; other days it creeps up on me. I don’t like it. It ..

teen love

Should parents keep away their teenage children from falling in love?

“Honor killing” is a term which is very commonly used in the villages of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan, and people associated ..


Parenting in Spain

Spanish parenting style is more or less similar to Indian parenting styles. In many families, both parents will work because the economy ..

Akhesh weds Akhila

Caste no bar to real love; Akhesh, Akhila ties knot

Vythiri (Wayanad): In a time of honour killing in the name of caste and religion, Akhesh and Akhila blazed a trail by choosing a casteless ..

quarelling parents

How parental conflicts affect children?

I usually have this habit of including lots of fun games and activities during my workshop especially when the audience are children ..


Getting ready for adoption

“Psychologically-the hormones make me very irritable and reacting to everything. Physically- there is water retention and swelling ..