Sugar syrup for good yield of jackfruit

Though jackfruit trees grow well in some areas, fruit yield can be disappointing ..

Violet iris - The queen of gardens
Flower farms in Gundlupet attract tourists
Giant granadilla
Giant granadilla bears fruit in Padoor resident's terrace garden

Begonia blooms in Calicut University Park

Thenhipalam: Begonia plant, one of the rarest and expensive ornamental plants, is the new guest in the park of the University of ..


Giant cucumber weighing 7.5 kg harvested in Kadalundi

Kadalundi: A giant cucumber that has a length of 24 inches and weighing 7.5 kg was harvested from a farm in Kadalundi. The giant ..


Rare variety of ‘Lady's Slipper’ orchid begins blooming in Agasthyamala

A rare variety of orchid flower has begun blooming in Agasthyamala. Paphiopedilum druryi is native to Agasthyamala, which is also ..


Experiment becomes success; Seed Farm grows sunflower field in Kerala

Nadavaramba (Thrissur): The State Seed Farm Nadavaramba unit has successfully proved that sunflower can be grown in Kerala too ..

thomas kattakkayam

Thomas – The guardian angel of 210 jackfruit varieties

Pala: Chakkambuzha Kattakkayam native Thomas has dedicated his life for different varieties of jackfruit trees. He started taking care ..