Mosquito bite

Rise in infectious diseases worries Kerala amid Covid-19 influx

Thiruvananthapuram: At a time when the Kerala government is fighting tooth and nail ..

Health dept warns of H1N1 outbreak in state
Child leprosy
Leprosy cases among children increase in Kerala
One more person confirmed with rat fever in Kozhikode

Leptospirosis is the biggest threat after flood: Dr. M. Muraleedharan

Leptospirosis is the deadliest epidemic after the flood havoc in any country, said Dr. M. Muraleedharan, the state nodal officer of ..


Rat fever: One more death reported, minister assures no need for panic

Thiruvananthapuram: A woman on Sunday became the latest victim of leptospirosis in the flood-battered Kerala, taking the death toll ..


Nipah prevention; HC appreciates Health Dept

Kochi: High Court praised the attempts of Kerala government for implementing effective steps to prevent the fatal Nipah virus outbreak ..

Ajanya and Ubeesh

After days of isolation, 2 Nipah-affected persons return back to life

Kozhikode: Ajanya is happy as she is allowed to return home after fighting with the deadly Nipah virus. The whole Kerala was waiting ..

new delhi

Attempts to tackle black fever in Kollam

Anchal: Central medical team visited the Kulathupuzha Villumala tribal colony where one person was identified with black fever. The ..


Fever death toll at 150 in six months

Thiruvananthapuram: The failure to effectively initiate the annual pre-monsoon cleaning routine in the month of February has the cost ..