Vembanad Lake

Alarming decrease in water flow in Vembanad Lake

Kochi: The water flow in Vembanad Lake has decreased alarmingly owing to plastic ..

133 elephants die in Kerala in one year
Kochi metro median
Kochi Metro medians to be beautified with gardens made on bio-waste
150 trees within 10 years; Varandarappilly police station takes Environment Day seriously
bamboo blossom

Bamboo grass blooms once in 36 years; arouses memories of bamboo rice porridge

Kuruppampadi (Ernakulam): Arousing the nostalgia of the old generation, bamboo grove bloomed on the plot near Odakkali-Asamannoor ..

Ali Fareed

Cherry tree planted 9 yrs ago uprooted; Man who planted it came to rescue too

Chavakkad (Thrissur): A cherry tree that was uprooted in front of Chavakkad civil station a few days ago has been brought back ..


Journey of a nature-loving photographer; Jayesh captures the unseen beauties

Kalpetta: There are many pictures which hold us close to nature. The beautiful sceneries including birds, fish, animals, microbes which ..


Class 9 student makes eco-friendly Christmas tree with bamboo frame, millet seeds

Christmas trees decorated with stars, snow drops, bobbles and gift boxes could be the best on a Christmas day. But Wayanad Ambalavayal ..


Butterfly migratory season in Aralam offers a visual treat

Kelakam: Butterflies have started their migration through Aralam forest just as they do every year. Common albatross is most commonly ..


A waterfall featured in 'Adventure Tourism Map' loses charm after floods

Karuvarakundu (Malappuram): The bed at the base of a waterfall that was a major centre of attraction for tourists was dumped with rocks ..


'Vrikshayurveda' - The Ayurvedic treatment for plants

Just as Ayurveda treat human diseases, there is a science for plant life called ‘Vrikshayurveda’. The discipline deals ..


Five healing benefits of Neem to beat monsoon woes

Neem has been referred to as a "wonder herb" for the many beneficial properties it possesses. It has as many as 130 different ..


Mother elephant accepts calf touched by humans

Karulayi (Malappuram): An elephant welcomed its calf that was touched by human beings rewriting the rules of the wild with love. The ..

Giant granadilla

Giant granadilla bears fruit in Padoor resident's terrace garden

Venkitangu (Thrissur): A giant granadilla plant which is normally found in cold regions and hillside villages grew in the terrace ..

crown flower

Benefits of 'Erukkin poo'

Crown flower, which is commonly known as ‘Erukku’ in Malayalam, was considered a cursed plant because it grows in cemeteries ..


Ball-shaped cardamom becomes odd one out in 5-acre plantation

Kumily: A cardamom plant in a plantation near Kumily has been found bearing cardamom with a unique shape. The plant grows in Odamettil ..

Pampanal waterfalls

Pampanal falls attracts tourists with its noisy flow

Kadanadu (Kottayam): Pampanal waterfalls that flows down noisily from atop the rocky hills becomes an icon of attraction for the tourists ..

tree saplings

Forest dept to distribute 4.49 lakh tree saplings in Kasaragod on Environment Day

Kasaragod: The forest department has arranged 4,49,000 tree saplings to be distributed in the district on World Environment Day. The ..

reduviid bug

Reduviid bugs for pest control in vegetable, fruit farms

Reduviid bug or assassin bug, locally known as ‘Chenchazhi’, is a beneficial insect that controls pests like caterpillars ..

star tortoise

Scientific study on star tortoises in Chinnar to start in June

Thodupuzha: A scientific study on Indian star tortoises will be conducted in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary from June first week onwards ..


Haritha Keralam: 3.1 lakh tree saplings to be distributed on Environment Day in Wayanad

Kalpetta: As part the ‘Haritha Keralam’ project under Wayanad Social Forestry Division, 3,10,000 tree saplings of different ..


Begonia blooms in Calicut University Park

Thenhipalam: Begonia plant, one of the rarest and expensive ornamental plants, is the new guest in the park of the University of ..


Spot-billed pelicans start nesting in Kumarakom

Kumarakom: Spot-billed pelicans have arrived in flocks to nest and breed in the peaceful nature of Kumarakom. Earlier, these birds ..

vertical garden

Aluva rly station makes vertical garden from used water bottles

Aluva: Aluva Railway Station is making wonders out of the waste plastic bottles thrown out by passengers. The used drinking water bottles ..

marine aquarium

North Kerala’s largest marine aquarium attracts public in Kozhikode

Kozhikode: The Marine Research Aquarium at Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) will attract everyone who love to explore ..


Finally, Govt made Jackfruit Kerala’s official fruit accepting Balakrishnan’s plea

Ottappalam: Balakrishnan Thrikkangod did not know that jackfruit was declared as the official fruit of Kerala, considering the memorandum ..

Exploring Thekkady

Trekking in Thekkady resumes today

Thodupuzha: Trekking in Periyar Tiger Reserve, which was banned in the backdrop of Kurangani wildfire, will resume from Thursday. ..

Solar light trap

Farmers approve of solar light trap for low-cost, eco-friendly pest control

Chittoor: A solar powered light trap has come to the rescue of farmers who have been searching for an easy and safe method to get rid ..

birds water

Students to quench thirst of birds in summer

Kozhikode: As the scorching summer is hurtling towards the state, students have made arrangements to assure water for birds in Kozhikode ..


‘Pooppoli’ poaches hearts of tourists with gorgeous flowers

Ambalavayal (Wayanad): The ‘Pooppoli’ flower show organized in Ambalavayal continues to attract people with beautiful ..


Rare migratory bird spotted in Kozhikode

Kozhikode: Bird watchers have spotted a rare migratory bird in bustard species called Lesser Florican at Kallayi in Kozhikode. The ..


Adivasis journey to meet ‘God’

Agali: “Bhagawane Paakkaku Pokanam’’ (We want to meet our God), said a group of Adivasis who reached before Mannarkkad ..


Differently abled students team up to create forest

Kakkattil: A group of 30 differently abled students under the Kunnummal BRC have launched an afforestation project to transform the ..


Man traps python which swallowed mongoose

Attingal: A youth caught a python that gulped a mongoose and crawled on to the courtyard of a house. Attingal native Biju caught the ..


Scandan gets his tusks trimmed

Haripad: Scandan, a tusker belonging to Haripad Subrahmanya Swamy temple, got his tusks trimmed on Saturday, enhancing his majestic ..


Finally, Madhavankutty tortured in captivity, returns to owner

Charummoodu: Madhavankutty, the elephant which was kept chained when in musth, was taken by its owner on Tuesday from Thamarakulam ..


Forest Department gears up for Neelakurinji season

Munnar: The Forest department has started preparations to welcome ‘Neelakurinji’ (Strobilanthes Kunthiana) season in 2018 ..


Peahen killed after being hit by train

Angadippuram: A peahen was found dead near the Angadipuram railway station after being hit by a train. With injuries on neck, the peacock ..

Delhi Zoo

Delhi zoo celebrates 10th birthday of white tiger Vijay

New Delhi: There was a special birthday feast of his favourite meat, a cake and no disturbance from the crowd for Delhi zoo inmate ..


Road caves in on Thalassery- Coorg highway, traffic grinds to a halt

Iritty: A 30-meter-long road near Perumbady lake in Thalassery- Coorg interstate highway caved in today morning. Traffic along Makkoottam ..

bird survey

Bird survey begins in Malappuram district

Nilambur: A comprehensive bird survey has begun as part of the preparation of the bird atlas in Malappuram district. Habitat structure ..


Trees causing ecological imbalance to be felled

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala government will launch a massive tree planting exercise on June 5, World Environment day, as part of its ..


Cops freaky scary of snakes left at station by natives, set up cage

Pavaratty: The police station at Pavaratty in Thrissur district has a cage built for snakes. It is not their love for the reptiles ..

Maruthu tree

Maruthu flowers in full bloom at high ranges of Kerala

Panickankudy (Idukki): Maruthu flowers (Arjuna tree) are painting the hills and valleys of the high ranges of Kerala white. In the ..


Python escapes police custody, caught from tree after 2 days

Perinthalmanna: A python, which was caught by a group of youngsters from Amminikkatu here, gave a tough time to the police after it ..


Talipot palms at Panamkutty in full bloom

Kambilikandam: Panamkutty, a village in Idukki, was given the name by migrant farmers due to abundance of Talipot palms (kudappana) ..


Caged ‘killer’ elephant tamed, shifted to Theppakadu camp

Gudalur: A rogue elephant, which was caged at an elephant training centre in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, has been tamed and shifted to ..


TVM anaconda not really `pregnant': Zoo authorities

Thiruvananthapuram: The zoo authorities here were left red-faced as they found out that a female anaconda, whose delivery was being ..