മഴക്കാലം മുഴുവൻ കായ്ക്കുന്ന പ്ലാവ്  : തൈകൾ ഉത്പാദിപ്പിച്ച് വിപണി കണ്ടെത്തി കർഷകർ

Now, enjoy tasty jackfruit even during monsoon

Kottiyoor: Jackfruit has a special place in the heart of Malayalees. The vast variety ..

കുഞ്ഞുകൈകളാൽ തളിരിടുന്നുകൃഷിയിടങ്ങൾ...
This little brothers prove farming is not a child's play
Vegetable Farming to Dairy Farming: Story of Leema's success turns an eye-opener for all
Agricultural scientist R Heli passes away
Ilyas in front of the forest behind his house

Nurturing a forest and farm, Ilyas family does not fear scarcity during lockdown

Thenhipalam (Malappuram): When people are struggling to survive during the lockdown with shortage of essential supply, Ilyas and family ..


No need of soil, can be grown even in a tray; know about microgreens

It is always safe to consume homegrown vegetables if we think about the pesticide residue on the ones bought from market. But maintaining ..

Lotus fields

Lotus flowers in full bloom but no takers

Thrissur: The full bloomed lotus field is a visual treat, but it gives only pain and tears for the farmers as not even a single flower ..

vegetable home delivery

Vegetables just a phone call away; women farmers initiate home delivery service

Cheriyanadu (Alappuzha): The coronavirus outbreak and the sudden lockdown might have put many households in crisis as they could not ..

vegetable garden challenge

Trending lockdown challenge; make a vegetable garden at home

Thodupuzha: When many people are stuck in their houses during the coronavirus prevention lockdown, Catholic Congress Global Committee ..

Crops destroyed by monkeys

These farmers of Puralimala valley gave up farming...

Maloor (Kannur): Many people residing in Koovakkara and Chithravattam regions in Puralimala valley evacuated their houses due to frequent ..


22 cows, 16 calves, a bull; story of a dairy farm near Mayyazhi river

Kannur Kadavathur native businessman Ishaq and wife Sameera were thinking of a new venture to start on their 2.8 acre land at Pullookkara ..

orchid flower

Rs 10 lakh per month from Orchid business! Kochi woman shows how

Though a postgraduate in mathematics, Sherin Ashraf from Kochi decided to become an entrepreneur. Due to her love for flowers, Sherin ..


Price of backwater crabs falls due to Corona fear; crabbers in crisis

Thuravoor (Alappuzha): As the price of backwater crabs dropped suddenly, crabbers in Vembanad Lake are facing a crisis. Merchants ..


Farmer grows seedless watermelon on trial basis; reaps fruit weighing 4-5 kg

Kannur Dharmadom native P K Satheeshan cultivated a seedless variety of watermelon in Meloor on a trial basis by the end of last year ..

badarudeen arch trellis

Portable arch trellis for growing climbers all year around

Making safe trellis to give support to vines is a challenge for farmers. Climbing vegetables like bitter gourd, long beans, cucumber ..


Pepper price nosedives after arrival of low-cost Brazilian pepper

Mattancherry: The price of pepper has nosedived to the shock of farmers. The price dropped by Rs 1800 per quintal in last two weeks ..


Fluffy and featherweight; meet this cute tiny pet for flat dwellers

Aping the trend in Western countries, we too have started rearing different pets. Rabbits and squirrels are very commonly found pets ..


Tomato price nosedives to Rs 4 per kilo on Kerala borders

Marayur (Idukki): The price of tomato nosedived in the vegetable markets on Kerala border. One kilogram tomato costs only Rs 4. A box ..

Jayaram in his dairy farm

Actor Jayaram takes up role of dairy farmer in real life!

The busy life in film industry never stopped actor Jayaram from starting a farm like the one in his movie ‘Summer in Bethlehem’ ..

mini dairy farmer

Bought cows selling gold, bagged best dairy farmer award; This is Mini's success saga

Mini Raju, a native of Rayamangalam in Ernakulam, lost all her eight cows due to hoof and mouth disease ten years ago. After a few ..

Gopalakrishnan farmer

Retd bank employee proves fish ponds can help with vegetable farming

Fish farming gives us two benefits: first, we get fish and second, the water in fish pond can be used for growing vegetables. Vadakara ..

Acai berry

Acai berry, baraba, military sapota… Mubarak’s orchard in Edappal is home to rare fruits

The orchard of Mubarak Ibrahim at Kololamba in Edappal in Malappuram district is home to rare varieties of fruits. Mubarak and ..

vegetable leaf

Higher demand for leaves than vegetables; More profit for farmers

The demand for leaves of vegetables has increased tremendously as the number of health conscious people is on the rise in Kerala. The ..

organic egg

Fake organic eggs brought to Kerala markets after changing shell colour

Coimbatore: Health conscious people always choose organic eggs due to the concerns regarding the artificial eggs. But it has come to ..

Roselle plant

Plant a Roselle in kitchen garden, replace tamarind in curries

Roselle plant is locally known as ‘Pulivenda’, ‘Mathippuli’ and ‘Meenpuli’ in Kerala. Its scientific ..


Mango lovers have to wait longer; season to delay this time

All the mango maniacs in Kerala will have to wait longer for having ripe juicy delicious mangoes this time. Due to the unpredictable ..

Butter beans

Butter beans has no buyers in Kerala, huge demand in other states

Butter beans, one of the crops widely cultivated in the hilly regions in Kanthalloor, is in huge demand in other state markets, whereas ..


Cattle feed contamination can be tragic

Some years ago an NGO was asked by the state government to run a gaushala in Patiala. They did, on condition that the food would be ..


Cardamom price touches Rs 7000/kg again

Kattappana (Idukki): After four months, cardamom price touched Rs 7000 again. One kilogram of cardamom fetched Rs 7000 in the e-auction ..

Aby Baby in his donkey farm

Rs 5000 for 1 litre donkey milk, Rs 500 for urine; Donkeys are not worthless anymore

A young IT professional has shown the world that one can make money by rearing donkeys. Aby Baby hailing from Ramamangalam in Ernakulam ..


Herbal acaricide developed to save livestock, pets

Bareilly: The Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) and the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) in Lucknow have developed ..


Price of dried drumstick leaf powder touches Rs 10,000

Thrissur: Along with skyrocketing price of drumstick, the rate of dried drumstick leaf powder also is increasing steadily. Powder of ..

Shibi M Vaidyar Terrace farming

Studio owner proves vegetables can flourish on building roof in city centre too

Kozhikode: A man has set a model for all who refuse to start cultivation blaming lack of space and busy city life by farming vegetables ..

air potato

Meet air potato, the tuber that tastes like meat

Air potato is a tuber that is known for its meat-like taste. When cooked adding masala, it tastes exactly like meat. It can also be ..

Nisha Siraj cactus

Rs 50,000 from cactus garden? This lady will tell you how

When vegetable or flower gardens on house terraces are becoming a common sight here, a woman hailing from Malappuram decided to make ..


Spinach price at Rs 120 per kg; Boost for farmers, shock for buyers

Kanjikkuzhi (Alappuzha): After onion, shallot and drumstick, spinach is has also been added to the list of expensive vegetables. The ..

Ber apple

Good for diabetic patients, 'Apple Ber' can be grown on terrace too

Thiruvananthapuram: Apple can be cultivated not only in cold weather but in cities of Kerala also. Vanchiyoor native George Varghese ..


Onion price hike never scares this farmer

Chittoor (Palakkad): The soaring onion price will never bother Eruthempathy native S Britto as he has been cultivating shallots ..


Thailand reduces rubber farming; Farmers in Kerala hopeful

Kochi: Thailand’s decision to reduce rubber farming by 21 percent is likely to increase the rubber price at a global level and ..


Tamarind price shoots up; Rs 30 for 1kg leaves, Rs 190 for fruit

Thrissur: As the price of tamarind leaves shot up to Rs 30 per kilogram, the tamarind farm owners in Tamil Nadu are earning well from ..

Paddy field

Farmer makes tusker Guruvayur Kesavan’s image with paddy art in his farm

Sultan Bathery (Wayanad): A young farmer has created the image of the popular tusker Guruvayur Kesavan as paddy art in his field at ..

Vaidyar Kumbalam

Meet the Malappuram man who conserves ‘Vaidyar Kumbalam’, a medicinal variety of wax gourd

Perinthalmanna (Malappuram): A variety of medicinal wax gourd known as ‘Vaidyar Kumbalam’ is being conserved by a farmer ..


Larger, juicier and seedless; 'Malaysian citric lemon' conquers high range in Kerala

A new variety of lemon known as Malaysian citric lemon has found its place in the high range in Kerala. Idukki Kanjikuzhi native ..

Tree turmeric

Rare medicinal herb 'Tree Turmeric' blooms in Thrissur

Vadanappally (Thrissur): Rarely found medicinal herb Tree Turmeric (Maramanjal in Malayalam) has bloomed in Thrissur. The herb bloomed ..

Ranni greater yam

Giant purple yam 7 ft long and weighing 100 kg pulls crowd in Ranni

Ranni (Pathanamthitta): A giant purple yam (Kachil in Malayalam) harvested from the farm of Pulloopram native Reji Joseph is pulling ..

1500 coconuts were destroyed in Punalur

1500 coconuts, artificially ripened using sulphur, seized in Punalur

Punalur (Kollam): The food safety officers found out, a place in Punalur market here, where coconut is artificially ripened using sulphur ..


How 'beans' became lucky charm for tribal colony inmates of Munnar

Munnar: It is time for harvest at the beans farm in Kundala Sandoz Colony here. The inmates of the colony who belongs to Muthuvan ..


Kerala beware: Banned lethal pesticide ‘Profenofos’ found in grapes, apples

Kochi: The residue of chemical pesticides has been found in vegetables, fruits and spices in a study jointly conducted by the agriculture ..