Youngsters working in fields

Setting model for all, 13 youngsters engage in manual labour despite high qualifications

Cheruvathur (Kasaragod): All 13 of them walked to the paddy fields without any hesitation ..

Dairy farmer
Jojo and his 32 cows
Wives of Kasaragod police officers file plaint against Inspector alleging torture of husbands
Chance of violence: Section 144 imposed in two places in Kasaragod
Sachin and Anand

Young architects come up with ‘floating house’ to beat flood threat

Kanhangad: Two architects from Kanhangad of Kasaragod have come up with a new concept to protect the houses during flood. Architects ..

tree saplings

Forest dept to distribute 4.49 lakh tree saplings in Kasaragod on Environment Day

Kasaragod: The forest department has arranged 4,49,000 tree saplings to be distributed in the district on World Environment Day. The ..

food vendors

Food vendors in trains reluctant to use gloves despite Nipah virus threat

Kasaragod: There have been complaints of food vendors on trains not using gloves while distributing food items. It is alleged that ..

skyway bus

Bekal Fort - Ranipuram Skyway bus service proposed by Jose Kochikunnel

Rajapuram (Kasaragod): A skyway bus project connecting Bekal Fort and Ranipuram, the two major tourist spots in the district, has been ..

rail ticket

Print error in ticket; `F' becomes `M'; compensation awarded by railway

Kasaragod: When a printing error occurred in a railway reservation ticket, a female became male. The woman passenger suffered hardship ..

Women beat officers

More women staff to guard forests in Kasaragod

Kasaragod: The forest regions that was being guarded by men till now, will now witness women guarding the wilderness. There are 8 beat ..


‘Village Life Experience’ turns successful; Bekal witness tourists flow

Bekal (Kasaragod): The North Malabar region is all set to have a leap in the tourism sector with the modern projects of Responsible ..

Mothers of Endosulfan victims

Mothers left alone in Endosulfan villages after children’s death

Kasaragod: The Endosulfan affected villages witness the loneliness of mothers who have lost their children in the pesticide impact ..


Century-old tombs found in Peroor Mana

Peroor (Kasaragod): Century-old tombs, locally known as Duppe or Gori, were found near Dekkunche Guthu Mana in Peroor in Kasargod district ..